I Am Grateful For…

I am grateful for… So many things this week!

Being given the chance to help to make a difference. I feel incredibly privileged to have been invited to come on this amazing journey.

For living in a country where my children are given vaccinations as a matter of course, as their right. Where I don’t have to justify to anyone why they should or fight for funding for them to receive it.

For my wonderful online friends who have risen to the challenge and come up with some fantastic ways to keep making noise. For Tara, Paula, Nickie, Julia, Liz, Maggy and Josie. For In The Powder Room for hosting my vlogs, for all the tweeters, retweeters, and bloggers. For all the people who have signed the petition already and for all those who are going to (I’m looking at YOU!)

For my fantastic husband who is holding the fort while I am away from home.

That the 21st May was not, in fact, Judgement Day and we all survived The Rapture.

I would however, like to have a neck which is strong enough and the poise and elegance required to balance bananas on my head.

With so many thanks to Tara for running this week’s Gallery theme as ‘I’m grateful for…’ to coincide with my trip to Africa. She is a shining star. Go and see the other entries!


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19 responses to “I Am Grateful For…

  1. I feel totally inspired by your journey. I am nurse and would love more than anything to help on a similar project. All the very, very best! x

  2. Fabulous photo’s and I’d love to be able to balance banana’s on my head too. I used to practise with books when I was a Teen but Crikey it was so difficult, lol!
    Keep up the amazing work over there…I so admire what you are doing x

  3. Amazing photo, I hope you achieve everything you want to and more from this trip x

  4. Wonderful post Chris and Hooray for Tara for organising such a FABULOUS Gallery theme this week. To everyone who has been so wonderfully supportive of your work for Save The Children.

    I am grateful for how the community has REALLY COME TOGETHER on this one. Wonderful. Makes me beam and glow. Together we have voice that will be heard!

    Maggy xx

  5. Any more jabs to get? I had the Yellow fever one last week (along with two others I can’t even remember) and was slightly flu-ey all day Saturday, but other than that am good. Only two more to go now. (I wouldn’t care I’m only going to Ghana for a week!)

  6. Sitting here BEAMING with pride at you C. Much much love to you x

  7. Liz

    Really great pictures xxx

  8. It’s not just the balancing fruit, there’s the way they can load a bicycle with more than you or I would fit in a landrover!

    Lovely photos, you’ve captured the African light perfectly. Man, I need to go again.

  9. Awesome pictures. You are truly involved in a wonderful cause & journey. Good luck to you all.

  10. The photos on this one really brought home the words of your last post to me. I carry my baby around on my back in slightly more European style and he’s just about that age. But he had his MMR and other injections just a couple of weeks ago, and can access excellent healthcare whenever he likes.

    Really looking forward to your next posts.

  11. I’m also grateful to call some wonderful woman and bloggers like you my friends.

    Mich x

  12. You’re very inspiring, think you’re pretty damn great! x

  13. Amazing stuff Mrs M, amazing stuff…. Big love xxx

  14. Berkley Bird

    Can’t wait to see you and hear all about this inspirational trip.
    Have just read the most recent blog through tears as usual. You lovely lady I am so proud of you and pleased that you have had this wonderful opportunity.

  15. Amazing photos and an inspiring post x

  16. Fab pictures and fantastic words xx

  17. Thanks for helping to raise awareness about the idea that all children, wherever they are born, deserve the best possible start in life. Immunisation is such a cost-effective and simple health intervention. In rich countries we take it for granted that our children will be protected against killer diseases (sometimes we even choose not to have our kids vaccinated …. but always knowing that first world healthcare is only minutes away should our child get sick). But in poor countries a lack of government funding means that many children are not immunised leaving them extremely vulnerable to disease, disability and death. The GAVI Alliance, with help from you, Save the Children and many other partners, is trying to raise enough money to ensure that all children in developing countries can benefit from immmunisation. Thanks for doing your bit to support this effort.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, read and comment, it is very much appreciated. It has been a life changing experience and I feel privileged to have been asked to go along and help spread the word. The mums and kids I met will stay with me for the rest of my life…I hope beyond hope that the rich nations will make the right decision on June 13th and give them a chance at life – they deserve it.

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