Just Like My Own

After all the build up we have finally arrived in Mozambique after a long, long journey!

I had plenty of time to think while I was on the plane, not a luxury I have enjoyed for the last few tumultuous weeks in the run up to the trip.

The thought which kept going round and round inside my head came out of a conversation I had had with Lindsay before setting off. One of the responses she had received when she posted her YouTube launch video shocked me to the core and yet, didn’t surprise me.

One of her viewers had posted that it was better to let these children die; that it was natural wastage.

Of course, this commenter is trying to provoke an argument however, s/he is making a point that many people believe to be true that, somehow, these children are less important than our own. Less deserving. That we shouldn’t be spending money trying to save them, trying to give them a chance.

As I sat in Maputo airport today waiting for my lift to the Save the Children offices a crocodile of nursery age children made their way through the airport building shepherded along by their teachers. They were divine, all wide eyed and skippety, just like my own.

As the car wound its way through the city streets I gazed out of the windows at children in crisp uniforms finishing school for the day and making their way home. Just like my own.

As I reached the Save the Children offices I saw a mother walking hand in hand with her four or five year old boy. Just like my own.

These children all deserve the chance at life that our own have. They deserve the chance to be protected against potentially life threatening childhood illnesses. They need you to sign that petition, today, not in two weeks time or just too late because you forgot to get round to it…today. Now.

They need us to whip up a Twitter storm by using the #passiton hashtag and by coming to The Twitter Tea Party on Thursday at 8pm. There are prizes, ask all your twitter friends to come and let’s make some noise! (And have fun while we’re doing it!)

Save the Children in Mozambique



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18 responses to “Just Like My Own

  1. Gosh, what a “throw away” remark to make. And what a fab response to the “natural wastage” comment. You made me shiver (in a good way).

    There is also another thought for you: of course each child deserves to live, but also think of their mothers, their fathers, their grandparents, their siblings, their aunties and a uncles: they deserve to watch them grow up. And why should they experience the hideous loss of a child, when it is unnecessary? You cannot wish that on ANYONE. I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to loose a child at any point – let alone after you have cared for and nurtured it…

    Big hugs to you.


  2. How can people even think for a second about wastage of human life.

    So glad you arrived safely!xxx

  3. I would say that comment was most definitely someone trying to pick an argument, and should be completely ignored if not for the fact that you are right… it is the opinion of some that children in areas such as Mozambique are “less important”. I pray none of these small minded people ever have to face the unimaginable pain and suffering of someone having lost a child.
    The work you folks are doing out there is unbelievably self-less and much needed. Thinking of you all and making sure I #passiton x

  4. How in God’s name can anyone say that about another human being? About another living creature? That is horrendous!

    Keep on going Christine, your journey is nothing in comparison to those children’s. #passiton

  5. mum

    so glad you are safely there. You are all doing such a worthwhile thing,
    success be with you. x

  6. Have been thinking about you Ladies all day today. What a ridiculous remark to make! It saddens me that people still feel that way. You are all making such a difference and we are 100% behind you xx

  7. We have Touchdown! You’re doing an amazing thing, see you at the Twitter party! Claire x

  8. The thing is there are people out there who think that that, but thankfully the majority of people I know don’t and the people I choose to be friends with don’t. I think you are doing something so worthwhile and if it can change the views of any of these small minded people then all the better. I believe as a mother we have a moral obligation to help children who are not as well off as our own and I will be supporting you and the #passiton team wholeheartedly. I like the fact that we can do something positive to make a difference. That we can follow you all on this trip and see what difference a vaccination makes. I know how much difference vacinations made to my child and I like in the first world. Maxi would not have survived in a third world counrty and the only difference between him and them is location.

  9. Glad you arrived safe and sound!

    You are doing such a marvellous thing x

  10. You are doing a fantastic job and I’m sure that 99.9% of people are right behind you!

    Take Care x

  11. Glad you had a safe journey.

    Been thinking about you and what an amazing thing you are doing.

    I’ve seen comments like that before said to other charities. Very sad that some people think that way, but don’t let it dishearten you.

    Sleep well tonight, you must be shattered! x

  12. I have signed I did forget I will be honest but this time I just did it! xx

  13. I have not been online lately but just found you through Sticky Fingers. It’s an amazing thing you are doing. I am off to sign the petition now. x

  14. Inspirational. You are absolutely right, there is no difference between these children and our own.

    I hope you achieve what you want to achieve on your trip x

  15. I am going to sign now. I think you’re right to ignore that comment, scary though it is. They’re just attention seeking idiots. Much more will come from fab writing like the above that reminds all of us that these kids are just like ours. It’s not that we don’t believe that, it’s just easy to put it from our minds sometimes. Remembering they are like our own, and but for Geography of birth could be our own is the best motivator. Hugs for your journey; I know it won’t be an easy one.

  16. Really shocked that someone could say something like that – definitely trying to start an argument. Mind you, I’m still in shock that we have so much shop lifting in our Save The Children shop.

    Glad you’re there safe!

  17. Have been reading all last week but making time this morning to come comment. It is that exactly. It is why seeing these people first-hand is so life changing. They stop being faceless numbers and become kin.


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