It’s 7.50 on Monday morning and today is the day I fly away. I’m blurry eyed and a bit queasy. I’m desperate to rush upstairs and wake my babies and gather them in my arms and squeeze really tightly.

There is a silence in the house, a waiting. I am almost holding my breath. Soon there will be the thunder of many feet, cupboard doors will be flung open and breakfasts consumed. I will be rushing around making sure everyone is sorted, making sure I have everything and then…

Goodbyes are so hard to say.

Adventure Begins. Time to make a difference.

Please follow me as I begin my journey! I will be blogging here at Thinly Spread and vlogging every day at In The Powder Room. This is our chance to make a difference to so many lives, to make our voices heard, to stand up in the face of injustice and shout NO! We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters…hear us ROAR.

Use the hashtag #passiton on Twitter, retweet like billy-oh, join in memes and twitter parties, blog, vlog and flog. We have reached 7 million people already, local and national media are very interested in what we are doing…let’s whip up an on-line storm and help those world leaders to make the right decision.

If you have no idea what I am talking about either because you have been hiding in a cupboard or because you don’t hang on my every word (and who can blame you? I waffle on an awful lot of the time…my family filter me) Look here and then go here and sign the petition. Thank you.


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15 responses to “Leaving

  1. seasiderinthecity

    Good Luck! The work you are doing is truly inspirational! I haven’t joined in as yet but will do so today and will be following your progress.
    All the best x

  2. I can’t think of anyone better they could have chosen. Passionate, creative, committed. I look forward to hearing all about your journey. You are teaching your children by example, yet again.


  3. Victoria


  4. Good luck! You are amazing! I am proud! The blogging community is proud! Your family is proud! You will be awesome!!

    Hope it all goes super duper well!!!!

    Big hugs to you and look forward to tea with you on Thursday!

    Maggy xxxx

  5. Enjoy the experience Chris. We’ll look after the rest! xxx

  6. Exactly what Julia said. Enjoy the experience because it will be incredible. We’ll all be here following your journey. Your children will be exceptionally proud of you and you’ll be hugging them even more tightly when you get back. Have an incredible time. Soak it all up. We’re with you all the way. x

  7. Bloody hell woman! Stop making me cry! We’ll be right there with you taking in every word. Much, much love xxx

  8. Look forward to your blogs and pics??

  9. Have a wonderful trip, I can not wait to hear more about your experiances and help in any way I can. Safe journey and lots of love opver the miles

  10. Oh that made me tear up good and proper!

    I know I’ve said it before but good luck! I can’t wait to follow your journey.


  11. God I feel so emotional just reading that – can’t imagine how you are feeling living it. So very brave of you. Good luck. xx

  12. This brought a tear to my eye – you are brave, inspiring and should be proud of the fantastic thing you are doing just as your family is of you.

  13. Wipes away tears. Good luck, you are amazing. x

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