Silent Sunday


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33 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. I bet you are getting proper excited now😀 Hope you have a great time. Looking forward to reading all about it! x

  2. bet he wants to come with you! hope all goes well and will keep spreading the word😉

  3. Have a great time!
    Wouldn’t it be great if we couldpack them in our cases at times like this?

  4. That just says it all – how you must be feeling just now! The side-lighting is a nice touch. Smashing kid as well, but then, what do you expect?

  5. Hah, hah, hah. Whether he’s shipping himself out, or you’ve had enough and shipping it out, this photo should be in every Good Parenting guide! Love the essay in this. So many good essays this week.

  6. might be a tight squeeze but i think he could manage it at a push

  7. You going on holiday by any chance? Making sure he is going too. Fab x

  8. Caught! Such a wonderful photo

  9. jay

    Eeeeek!!! Does he fully understand where you’re going/what you’re doing? In the weirdest way, it would be an incredibly educational journey for him…
    REALLY looking forward to following your travels and stories over there.

  10. Bless him! I bet he wishes he could go with you! Have a fabulous trip, looking forward to reading all about it! Emma🙂

  11. Well, that’ll save on unnecessary expenses like child travel tickets, passports…

  12. Jo

    Take me I’m small, fit well and incredibly useful!!

  13. Oh so sweet! I bet he’ll miss you so much, and I bet you wish he could go in your suitcase!

    All the best for your trip – I bet it’s going to be truly amazing. I’ll be following you as you go🙂

  14. Jenny paulin

    Bet he wishes he could go with you aswell! Good luck tomorrow and for the rss of the week such an amazing adventure xx

  15. What a handsome fella and a lucky little guy! Through your travels this week and what you teach him when you return, his compassion and empathy for others will undoubtedly increase.

  16. I’m sure no one will notice him if he stows away…

  17. Hmm – not quite ‘travelling light’ is it? Also – are you sure it shouldn’t be a backpack?!

  18. Hehe…..I hope the trip goes well. X

  19. Ahh how gorgeous! They’re gonna miss you, but they’ll be so proud too x

  20. Aww he’s going to miss his mummy x

  21. Awww, you taking him too?!

  22. Oh good luck! I hope it all goes well x

  23. You should take him with you – who needs clothes? He’d certainly learn a lot. Good luck x

  24. “Don’t forget me!”

  25. Gorgeous! And OMG it’s tomorrow!! xxx

  26. Looks like you’ve packed the best bit! Great picture.

  27. Ah, he wants to come with you! Such a sweet photo, on so many levels.

  28. mummymummymum

    Does he want to come with you? All the best for your trip. Can’t wait to read about it! x

  29. pamperedmummy

    Hope you have a great trip. You are really making a difference, you should feel very proud.

  30. Oh bless him. I bet if you could, you’d take him with you!

  31. Aw I bet you wish you could take him with you🙂

  32. Beautiful eyes and lovely picture.
    You will be taking him in your heart which is clearly huge.
    Well done you on all fronts

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