It’s All Gone MAD!

In the middle of all the preparations for my trip to Mozambique next week an email plopped into my inbox announcing that I am a finalist in the Mad Blog Awards!

Enough lovely people voted for me in the Best MAD Blog For Family Fun category that I am through to the finals!

My face did this

I have so enjoyed writing this blog for the last fourteen months and it is the family fun stuff which brings me the most joy, so thank you very much if you voted for me!

There is now another round of voting to choose the wonderful winner! My fellow finalists are an auspicious bunch and I am delighted to have got this far…could you vote for me and see if I can get a little bit further? Thank you!

Just click on the badge below and you will be whisked to the voting form. You can vote for other people in the other categories if you wish…but VOTE FOR ME IN THE BEST MAD BLOG FOR FAMILY FUN CATEGORY PLEASE! Begging over. Off you go!


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6 responses to “It’s All Gone MAD!

  1. Michelle Twin Mum

    I have already voted for you! Love that piccie. Mich x

  2. That grin is well deserved you lovely lady!

  3. Tis done m’lady xxx

  4. You already got my vote last week! Congrats on being a finalist – it’s all very exciting isn’t it. My face did the same🙂

  5. You so have my vote… nominated you in the first place and voted in the second😉

  6. I’ve voted good luck x

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