The Gift Tag – #passiton

Paula at Battling On had me weeping onto my toast this morning with this lovely post. She has created this beautiful Gift Tag; I am so impressed!

This morning I took it into one of the schools my children attend (I have 4 children in 3 schools, the paperwork is immense!) and talked to the Head. Each child in school is going to take a tag home and ask their parents to sign the petition and then sign the tag (the kids can sign too, hooray! Kids helping kids, I love that!) It will then go back to school where we are hoping to build a wall of gift tags each one representing at least one signature on the petition, at least one more voice shouting. I am a bit overwhelmed (again!)

While I am away I am relying on a tag team of people to keep passing on the word. They will be making noise, tweeting, retweeting, blogging, running memes and on line games all trying to get people to SIGN THE PETITION!

This is a very simple way to get involved:

All you have to do is:

1) Click here and sign the petition to save four million children’s lives

2) Click here to download your Pass It On gift tag

3) Print it, sign it and Pass it On, and on, and on, and on……

THEN you can either:

a) Blog about it, you can link back here or lift the instructions and place them on your own blog – doesn’t matter at all

b) Facebook it – post a pic of your signed Gift Tag to your facebook wall and tag all of your friends to Pass it On

c) Twitter – twitpic it and @ your followers to Pass It On

d) Print it out and Pass it On – to your neighbour, your mum, your local paper, your children’s school, the postman (you get the picture)

*School’s resource – if you’d like a black and white version to print out and distribute please click here for an A4 pdf with two Gift Tags aligned.

We’ve all done it! See!

Now I am tagging a small team of lovely people BUT…I want, and those children NEED, you all to do it so if you are reading this, don’t wait for an invite. Do it. Please.

Josie at Sleep is For the Weak

Jen at The Madhouse

Tara at Sticky Fingers

Jay at Mocha Beanie Mummy

Nickie at I am Typecast

Julia at In the Head’s Office

Vix at Vegemite Vix

Liz at Me and My Shadow

Michelle at Mummy From The Heart

Karin at Cafe Bebe

I know some people are not big fans of the tag and the meme but this is SO important, please make an exception.



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6 responses to “The Gift Tag – #passiton

  1. Fabulous! I will do the gift tag at my daughter’s school, son’t nursery, the school I teach at and the school my sister teaches at. Fab idea

  2. Absolutely brilliant. So creative and so worthwhile. I’ve downloaded the tag and will circulate. #roundofapplause

  3. Paula

    Ah I love it! Fab pic of the happy Moslers, so excited for you xxx

  4. I will print off some tags and take them in on Thursday. As you know I feel this is so important and will do all I can to help raise awareness. The children look super in their t-shirts

  5. Your children are beautiful, so happy and strong. Well done you on creating such caring individuals.

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