Silent Sunday


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37 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Brilliant. And good luck to you with this!

  2. She is wearing that with attitude!

  3. Serious message and serious face🙂

    Thanks for visiting my Silent Sunday. Not met you before. Pleased to “meet you”.

    Cheers. Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

  4. Go DD! Loving her pose there – she looks like she does exactly what it says on the tee shirt! (gorgeous girl too) x

  5. What a gorgously strong, kind-hearted, amazing girl. I blame the parents! x

  6. I love the kick ass expression, brilliant

  7. A brilliant picture with a strong message. You already know I think you rock for your part in helping this cause🙂

  8. ChiBibi

    how wonderful to see! this girl means business🙂 x

  9. Yep, she means business. Actually, I’ve been talking to Save the Children about this. I need to get linked up etc.

  10. Wow, she means business Chris. Get the kids involved too, great idea. I bet they are so proud of you. Mich x

  11. Fantastic! Beautiful photograph that speaks right to the heart.

  12. She means business! Your family must be so proud of you – you’re doing such an amzing thing xxxx

  13. She is a Mini you, Christine. Not just in looks. You can feel her passion from this shot. What an amazing family xxxx

  14. And if anyone thinks about arguing with her then there’s going to be trouble. A brilliant and very telling photograph.

  15. Powerful image, powerful daughter. Good luck.

  16. Brilliant. Now I must get the #passiton meme done!

  17. mummymummymum

    Fab photo!! I too love the expression! and lots of luck to you. xx

  18. Such a great cause to support!

  19. Such a powerful image for such a great cause. You are amazing doing this. Good luck! x

  20. @somethingblue_2

    Great photo – it’s a fab message and she gets it across well. Beautiful with a cause🙂

  21. Whoop whoop…love it. Perfect for this week.x

  22. Nel

    She looks like she means business!

  23. pamperedmummy

    Great t shirt.

  24. very appropiate – good luck

  25. Fab photo. She means business. x

  26. Oh I like her style. You wouldn’t mess would you? Have you worked out who she gets that look from?…. My daughter has one similar and I have NO idea where she learnt it. *cough*

  27. Fab pic, excellent sentiment

  28. Anonymous

    hi mummy i love u!!!

  29. darling girl's friend

    hi,nice t-shirt ,i wish i could have one!!

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