Something For The Weekend – Sinking Into My Family

This weekend I shall be nestled happily into the bosom of my family as I anticipate a weekend of calm before the storm. I shall be doing some reassuring for those who are a wee  bit wobbly about my imminent departure and some comfort baking. The rhubarb is beginning to resemble a gunera so we shall gather in the harvest and make some more rhubarb crumble and possibly some rhubarb and ginger jam.

Boy Number 2 enjoys slashing the leaves off the rhubarb with his penknife once it has been pulled, Bonus Boy and Darling Girl love getting their hands in the crumble mix while my eldest enjoys eating it so all in all it’s a winner.

It’s looking windy, Bonus Boy gave the barometer a bash this morning so we may also try to climb our favourite hill for a bit of kite flying. Whenever Bonus Boy has string in his hand with something on the end I have visions of him being whisked away a la Piglet on Windsday and I can’t resist singing ‘Let’s Go Fly A Kite’ in an overly jolly, thigh slapping and enthusiastic way just to annoy the teens. All good family fun!

(Look!…He’s taking off already and he hasn’t even got his kite out yet!)

What are you up to this weekend? What is your favourite ‘sinking into my family’ activity? I need some distraction techniques!

If you haven’t signed the Save the Children petition to save 4 million lives in 4 hours could you pop over and do that NOW please. Thanks! You can see why I am putting this request at the bottom of every one of my posts here (I’m going to Africa…next weekend!)


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5 responses to “Something For The Weekend – Sinking Into My Family

  1. Signed your petition.

    We’re slinking away from the family this weekend. The russet-topped one is on a residential and the blonder brother is going to his grandad’s. For a short while Her Up North and myself get to be people instead of parents. Bliss.

    Have a good one, Chris

  2. Have signed the petition, good luck!
    We are sinking into the family by just chilling, duploing and picniking in the garden before a storm of a weekend Funkey Monkeys Bday weekend

  3. I’ve signed! The shocking thing is that in this country people CHOOSE not to immunise.

    We have a family weekend planned. We’ll be visiting my parents and seeing my brother and SIL who are over from Australia.

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