Gardening With Kids – The Bean Report and A Call To Arms!

After yesterday’s big announcement writing about beans may seem a bit tame, but bear with! Those of you who are regular readers will know Bonus Boy and I have been planting runner beans, that we planted them in a jar so we could see the roots grow and that we have been very pleased indeed with their progress!

However, they are suffering because they don’t have everything they need and this is becoming glaringly obvious. I, of course, am drawing parallels with my trip. Like the children I am going to visit, these little beans deserve a chance. A chance to grow up.

Bonus Boy proudly took his beans to school yesterday for Show and Tell, this evening we are going to plant them in the compost they need and nurture them so they can grow big and tall like their siblings who are already sending deep roots into the soil and reaching for the sky.

(Apologies for the ‘peeping through the door’ feel to this clip, I’m learning – fast – but I’m no techie!)

Please, help to give every child a chance at life. Sign the petition calling on the world’s leaders to take the opportunity at the immunisation pledging conference on 13th June to plug the funding gap and save 4 million lives. No child should be dying from preventable diseases.

This is my first ask of you. Sign up and start making noise. We have a voice and we must use it. There will be lots of opportunities over the next 27 days to be heard.

Maggy and Josie are running a crafty kids meme to help spread the word and I have a few ideas up my sleeve. If you have any ideas how we can keep this ball rolling please leave them in a comment below, or email me, or tweet me.

Do follow my fellow travellers who are also reaching out to their online communities and making noise. I met Lyndsay and Tracey for the first time yesterday and they are lovely!


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2 responses to “Gardening With Kids – The Bean Report and A Call To Arms!

  1. LOVE the comparison!đŸ™‚

    And we have our first crafty entry over at Red Ted Art, as well as lots of extra signatures from tweeters with no kids… YAY!


  2. What a great post to start the campaign! You’ll remember THE bean stalk leading all the way to heaven!

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