Leaping Out Of My Comfort Zone.

I am a bit wordless as I try to write this post. Much as I was speechless when the email came in which has prompted it. My life has shifted up a gear over the last two weeks and to those of you who have commented on my distraction I can only apologise, I ‘ve had a few things on my mind!

At half term I shall be flying to Mozambique with Save the Children. I haven’t left my own children for more than two nights in the last 15 years. I haven’t flown at all in those 15 years. I am a home bird but the call from Save the Children is one I cannot ignore, one I will shift mountains to answer, one that I will spring out of my comfort zone for.

I am going to help make some noise ahead of the global vaccines summit which is being hosted by David Cameron in London in June. Currently one in five children worldwide do not receive vaccinations of any kind. This leaves them vulnerable to potentially life threatening diseases like pneumonia, diarrhoea and measles. To me, that is just not right.

I will be following a vaccine from the city along ‘the cold chain’ to a rural community. It had never crossed my mind that vaccines need to be kept cold in challenging circumstances and I will be seeing how that is achieved when you have no access to a national grid and electrical sockets are few and far between.

I am writing this piece on Sunday night to post tomorrow after I have attended a meeting in London gathering together many of the people involved in this project and discussing how we are going to get our voices heard. I will be asking for help across the parent blogger community and beyond to stand up for these children and to give them a chance at life.

My heart has been beating like a drum and my brain on over drive ever since the email landed in my in box on 27th April as I was cooking the children’s tea. Life changes in a heartbeat. I have been given an amazing opportunity to make a difference.

I told Bonus Boy I was hoping to save some children’s lives. He asked if I was a superhero and was disappointed that I have no obvious super powers. I may wear my pants on the outside of my trousers, just once for him before I fly away.

I am counting on your support all my lovely blogging, Twitter, Facebook and ‘real life’ friends. Watch this space for my call to arms and how you can help. There will be lots of ways for you to get involved and when I know more…you’ll be the first to know! The hashtag on Twitter will be #passiton. Pass It On!

This is a hugely positive campaign to be involved in, we can make a very real difference. I am VERY excited!

Now, I’m off to look for some big pants!

For more information have a look at the Save the Children Campaign pages Here and Here and The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation Here


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57 responses to “Leaping Out Of My Comfort Zone.

  1. It sounds like it’s going to be one hell of an amazing journey for you Chris. So pleased for you and also delighted to be championing you from In the Powder Room. We’ll be with you every step of the way (albeit from the comfort of our home offices).

    Much love, Paula xx

  2. Yay! It’s official! We can talk about it now!!

  3. What a brilliant opportunity.

  4. Woah! That’s amazing. Go Christine!

  5. Hooray! This is FABULOUS Chris! You will make the bestest Ambassador ever!!!

    And I SO EXPECT to see a superhero photo before you go. Dare. Dare. Dare….

    Big hugs to you. You are amazing.


  6. Oh, how wonderful! I’m sure you’ll do everybody proud and make the most of the opportunity. xx

  7. Jenny paulin

    Brilliant! What a fantastic opportunity you super woman you! Love how Bonus Boy asked if you were a super hero!!
    So pleased for you x

  8. Wowee! Can’t wait to hear more🙂

  9. caradonovan

    Oh Christine, how wonderful! I have shivers down my spine reading that. You will be a brilliant advocate for Save the Children, I look forward to hearing all about it. Cx

  10. Liveotherwise

    Wow, that is big. Dunno what else to say just now, will have to have a think.

  11. *HUGE GRIN*

    So very proud of you. Behind you all the way. xx

  12. Wow, what an amazing things to do.

  13. Good luck! You will make a huge difference.

  14. Wow, that is wonderful! I will be supporting you virtually every step of the way xx

  15. What a fantastic opportunity – we’re all behind you x x

  16. This is amazing. Well done and I honestly can’t think of a better person to do this. You will be marvellous. We are with you all the way, just let us know what you need.

  17. Oh what a fabulous opportunity! Wishing you a very safe and successful trip (and I’ll support you any way I can) x

  18. jay

    Yeay it’s FINALLY out there!! Am so proud of you, excited for you, anxious for you – they’ve made a wonderful choice choosing you. We will support you all the way, even if it means making you a big pair of pants. Big love.

  19. Karen

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity and I’m sure you’ll make the most of it.
    Reading it actually brought tears to my eyes, what a selfless wonderful thing to do. Your family and friends will be so proud of you.
    Good luck x

  20. Fabulous news, what a great cause and a brilliant experience! Best of luck! Emma🙂

  21. I’m so pleased for you! This is an amazing adventure and you’ll do a wonderful job of spreading the word. xxx

  22. And *this* is why you are inspirational and a brilliant role-model to mums and bloggers out there, because you do what you can to make a difference to your children’s lives, and those of other children in the world. Can’t think of a better person!

  23. Hownfantastic! What a brilliant cause to be involved with. So thrilled for you! X

  24. Wow you are amazing. Well done you and count me in for any way that I can help at all. Good luck!

  25. Amazing news! You are definitely the right person for the job.

    Good luck … I will be following your journey xx

  26. Is it a bird? is it a plane? No, it’s SUPERCHRISTINE!
    More seriously, I shall be interested to learn how the cooling problems are overcome. In a developed economy, readily available, reliable energy supplies are taken for granted.

  27. What an incredible opportunity! I look forward to reading what you have to say about it all. You are soooo the right person to do some good out there.🙂

  28. Deerbaby

    Brilliant news! You’ll be fantastic at this. Will help spread the word in any way I can

  29. What an amazing experience this will be.

    You’re a perfect choice, you’ll be amazing. I’m going to do the craft challenge with Maggy and will halp in any way a I can.

    Go SuperChris :0)

  30. Fabulous news! Congratulations to you! And big hugs for the excitement🙂

  31. neigeblanche

    What fab news. And think about it, you are a superhero for doing what you are about to do. Good luck and we look forward to hearing all about it!

  32. It may be out of your comfort zone, but I know you’ll be fab! xxx

  33. This is amazing, as are you. I know you’ll be a brilliant ambassador!

    And those comfort zones? Over rated🙂

  34. Lovely blog post! Thanks for all your support for our vaccines campaign. We’re looking forward to following your journey-story.

  35. I think you know my thoughts in this. What an amazing opportunity and I hope the whole Tots100 community are behind you too

  36. Am so pleased for you Christine, what a fantastic opportunity! We will do what we can to support you on your exciting journey. I’m sure you’ll come back with some stunning photos and lots of heart-tugging stories. Sounds silly, I’m not a church goer, nor am I particularly religious, but would like to say “May God be with you.” Take care.

  37. What a fantastic opportunity and all those children are going to love you I will be supporting you anyway I can just shout. xx

  38. You know what, I’ve always thought you fab, now I realise you are bloody wonderful. What a fantastic thing to do! x

  39. Liz

    Well done you! Very proud of you. I look forward to reading about it x

  40. What an *amazing* thing to do. I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

  41. Becky

    Will be giving you lots of support How fabulous!

  42. Well done Christine!

    Fantastic opportuntity!

    J x

  43. Wow, I am impressed, and in awe! Go you!

  44. This has made me sob, grin from ear to ear, cheer with both arms stretched outright above my head and bang my desk shouting YES! (All in one breath!)
    Not sure if it’s the additional caffeine intake this morning but my heart is hammering for you too Chris, this is just tremendous news. I’m so full of things to say that if I tried to get it down it would just come out as 9835#alkj twuarpbvnh8ywaehglajg’lkngf so I won’t. You can feel it all anyway so I think I’m just meeting your vibe full on. Well done that Girl. You deserve this and so do the fabulous people of Mozambique.
    Behind you All. the. way. xxxx

  45. Berkley Bird

    Wanted to say am very proud and excited for you!!
    Also as you know I now have lots of spare VERY large pants that I don’t need any more!!!!
    Berkley Bird

  46. Christine – we’re all thrilled here at Save the Children that you are coming with us to Mozambique and really looking forward to reading all of your blog posts, tweets and films.

    Also a big thankyou to everybody who has left a comment of support – it means alot to us and the children that we are working to help.

    With kind regards,
    Save the Children

  47. Really amazing – you go girl . Looking forward to following your tweets and posts all about it Lx

  48. Totally amazing, you have our support!

  49. Mom-on-a-Wire

    Such a wonderful post! Made me feel quite teary.
    Will be quite a eye opener for many; a lot of people seem to associate Mozambique with five star holidays, white sandy beaches and plentiful sea food, highlighting the ‘other’ side will go a long way in helping these, and many others in similar situations get the help and support they need.
    Sending you massive hugs, a big hi-5 and plenty of tissues for your trip!

  50. I was blown away reading this – WOW! Such an amazing opportunity and I look forward to following your amazing journey. I think it’s safe to say that you will have the love and support of all the blogosphere behind you, my lovely xxxx

  51. That is so amazing! What a fabulous opportunity! If I can do anything to help i.e. spread the word/donate money/get other involved then please let me know! Good luck and I look forward to hearing all about it xx

  52. What an amazing opportunity to make a difference. Look forward to following from my sofa!

  53. I am super proud of you and very excited for you. You rock!

    Mich x

  54. karen arthur

    A.Mazing!! Wow! I look forward to reading all about it! (am also slightly gobsmacked that you haven’t been on a plane for 15 years but we’ll put that to one side shall we?)

    Go get ’em tiger!
    k xx

  55. I did miss this. I am one of those absent people – derrrr. But wow how amazing, brilliant and scary and omg so many things. I hope you are well and am sending hugs and good wishes for your journey lovely lady. x

  56. Rosie and David

    Well done Chris we are following your blog from Africa.

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