Should They Stay Or Should They Go Now?

My eldest’s 15th birthday was probably not the best day to begin a playroom clear out. There has always been someone to pass them down to before but Bonus Boy is my last and he has outgrown many, many things so they have to go but, goodness, it’s hard!

There are so many memories wrapped up in books and toys, so many cuddly creatures who have absorbed angst and misery, have lain patiently and been bandaged to the point of suffocation, have whizzed down the stairs on a piece of string or flown down with a plastic bag parachute – loved to within an inch of their lives. I would like to keep them all but after 15 years of toy acquisition we are reaching bursting point.

I have to decide which ones retire to the attic to reappear looking a bit raggy and smelling a bit musty to delight the hundreds of grandchildren I am anticipating and which ones can be passed on to other families to be loved anew. Bonus Boy is currently enjoying the Lego which has been passed down from his Dad to his Big Brothers and Sister to him, the Meccano and the Scalextric are beckoning and I keep restocking his bookshelves with their old favourites and mine.

I can’t get the children to help me clear out because they are worse than me and nothing will leave the house. We’ll be like one of those horror houses on TV where you can’t get through the front door for piles of hoarded magazines and stuff. I’ll be found, trying to dig myself out with a Buckaroo shovel! Wish me luck, I am heading back in with black bags and a hanky!

Are you a chucker or a keeper? What is your solution to the toy mountain? Which toys are you keeping for your grandchildren? Can anyone tell me how I clear without tears? Has anyone got a number where I can bulk buy tissues?

PS I didn’t set these photos up, Mr Thinly Spread called me into the playroom to show me what Bonus Boy had been up to – isn’t he fab?!


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12 responses to “Should They Stay Or Should They Go Now?

  1. I have to confess that I am not very sentimental when it comes to toys, yes there are some things I wouldn’t part with like the favourite teddy bear ect… but the rest I could happily give away tomorrow…Oh to have clear floor space in the bedrooms!

    Unfortunately for me my youngest nearly 11 is hanging on to every toy he owns just in case he might play with it one day soon. He has a bedroom stocked with every kind of toy you can imagine, but will he part with any….not a chance.

    I am hoping that not to far in the distant future he will let me get in there with the black sacks, but I think I may have to wait a while longer, I don’t want to traumatise him :)) x

    • We are all hoarders which really doesn’t help! If I was less sentimental it would be much easier but, yes, I’d come up against everyone else…is there no answer?! :-0

  2. alisonwells

    Such a difficult one. As you say it has to be done when they aren’t there to regale you with reasons why they love that tiny bit of unrecognisable plastic so much. I spend so much time right now picking up bits of stuff and wondering what they belong to, or trying to put things back together so they can be played with. We have far too many big plastic toys that need batteries (I didn’t buy them!) and our 3 year old has bypassed so much of the baby stuff. In other words I have no answers. My daughter lets stuff go more easily than my sons, very pragmatic she is!

  3. I’m a chucker when it comes to broken toys and you know those wee crappy ones that come in lucky bags, etc. However my two are still quite young at 2 and 4 so I haven’t ever actually gotten rid of anything yet. I have kept all the baby toys in the loft as we aren’t sure if we are finished with having children so I’m sorry I can’t help you on this one. hugs x

  4. I have just had a fairly big clearout as I was sick of not being able to tidy up properly because there was just nowhere for anything to go! It was really difficult as I’ve always been such q hoarder but it had to be done.

    Luckily there’re too young to argue with me. For now…

  5. Oh SO HARD! Firstly, you can’t get rid of the Little Robots.

    I’m generally, in life, a chucker of shocking proportion. Really, if you need me to come and declutter…I am your woman. You probably won’t have any ‘things’ left when I’m done because I’m ruthless.

    But toys…it’s hard. Unless they are broken or annoying it’s so hard. Every single bit of plastic tat has a memory. Even if it’s from soem crappy magazine…your child/children has been attached to it at some point. at some point that was ‘the’ toy. How can you chuck the memories away?

    My only solution is to buy a bigger house. Sorry. That’s a bit crap isn’t it. I have managed to clear large amounts of tat as we’ve gone. I dont miss the big stuff, which always annoyed me. But the little bitty bits? Too hard? Books? noooooooo….

    No idea. We’re all doomed.x

  6. No solutions I’m afraid, but plenty of sympathy. My father is a terrible hoarder, and I seem to have inherited that trait and passed it on to my children. *sigh*

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