Encouraging Helpful Bugs and Beasties – Gardening With Kids

Hooray! It rained! Our garden was beginning to resemble a dust bowl in places and we could hear the plants cheering when the rain finally bucketed down. Bonus Boy and Darling Girl enjoyed running about in it, her with her umbrella and him without. He got soaked to the skin but his eyes were shining and his giggles were a delight!

This week in the garden we are going to be carrying on planting out our plantlets. The peas have left their drainpipe and moved into the ground and the runner beans are on their canes (I have spares still in pots for when the first lot get scoffed by the plethora of slugs and snails who are also enjoying the damper conditions).

We will be popping the tomato plants into their final pots and I will then bury their bases into grow bags to give them a longer root run and access to more water. Pumpkins and sunflowers are also moving out into the garden and we will be planting more lettuce and salad seeds to keep us going.

The pond we made last week has been a tremendous hit! We now have two little fish swimming about happily and the children all spend time trying to spot them which is a lovely calming thing to do. They do get bored and one or two of them may have been heard to say ‘Fish are rubbish pets’ but, on the whole, they are a welcome addition to the family. They have names, of course, so please welcome Ringo and Lennon to Family Thinly Spread! They are lovely but I cannot for the life of me get a photo of them so you can look at this instead.

The pond will be doing its job of encouraging beneficial wildlife into the garden but we want to encourage as many helpful bugs and beasties as we can so we are creating a wildlife area. This is great for the plants and great for us because it means we have lots of interesting things to look at when we go on a backgarden safari!

We are not very tidy which is great for wildlife which likes to hide away under stones, in piles of wood and in nooks and crannies. We are leaving a corner of our tiny lawn unmown as many creatures love hiding in the long grass and to encourage even more of them we are making some bug homes. We particularly want to encourage bees to visit our garden cafe and sup of its delicious nectar, pollinating our flowers so we will be making a bee house with bits of old bamboo inside an old carpet tube and strung up in the apple tree. Have a look here for full instructions to make your own bug house.

We will also be sitting under the tree on the bench and reading a book or two, having a chat, eating a snack and relaxing. Nice.

What have you been up to outside this week? If you have posted something about it pop it on the linky below! I’d love to see your garden/balcony/window box. Happy Gardening!


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7 responses to “Encouraging Helpful Bugs and Beasties – Gardening With Kids

  1. Sounds like a fab time. Unfortunately I like a cultivated and neat garden, weeds can go away and leave my beautiful suburban flowerbeds alone!

    We did some gardening on Sunday and have been looking forward to linking up.

  2. Wow what a gorgeous garden you have! I love this time of year when everything is preparing to flourish and grow :)) x

  3. Can you believe it – in my attempt to grow organically (failed by the way) I bought a wooden ladybird house… lovely😉

    Coming back tomorrow with an outdoorsy craft!

    PS nice to hear the Fish are loved!

  4. Wow your garden is gorgeous can you come and stay with me for a while and sort out mine please. I would love a lovely garden, never know where to start though! xx

  5. Great to see the rain, isn’t it?

    We have had a major seedling fail and we don’t know why. Pretty much all the dahlias OH grew from seed have withered. We may have to swallow our pride and (grits teeth) BUY SOME…😦

    Your garden looks and sounds a treat🙂

  6. It all looks so lovely!

    I can’t wait to have some time to get out in my garden.

  7. Wow, your garden looks positively idyllic! Love reading about getting outside with the kids, great idea for a linky :O) x

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