Silent Sunday


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44 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. And this is why I look forward to your shots. They always make me smile, or gasp or just wish I was a better photographer lol. This is beautiful. The first thing that popped into my head was “Secret Garden”.

  2. Looks so magical! Love it! Happy Sunday to ya!. x

  3. this looks so beautiful, peaceful, still and quiet

  4. As usual, absolutely gorgeous. The more I see of photography, especially Silent Sunday, I’m learning that I really like ‘things framed in things’. The arch of the trees and the shape of the wall is like a telescope drawing the eye right in. Brilliant.

  5. I just love spring – you’ve captured the feeling perfectly.

  6. This perfectly captures spring/summer, i love how calm it looks! great photo!! x

  7. Oooh that’s beautiful. Such a tranquil spot, I wish I was there right now – without the demanding toddler😉

  8. This is a photo that can be looked at for ages, there’s so much to look at – love the way the wall looks like it’s floating because the bush in front of it looks like a cut out.

  9. Ohh pretty, think I would like to be there right now!

    Have a fabulous Sunday.

    Mich x

  10. Is that a wall or a building in the background? This shot really makes you think.

  11. This looks amazing! Almost creates an optical illusion – looks like a crumbling brick staircase. Really makes you stare at it for a while and ponder, doesn’t it??? x

  12. Wow, I so want to go there! Gorgeous! x

  13. It looks like the secret garden gorgeous xx

  14. So lush. Beautiful🙂

  15. Well that is just lovely. Shall we meet for a picnic under the trees?

  16. Gosh this is STUNNING Chris. Lots of cracking photos in Silent Sunday this week. x

  17. You really are very clever. Love how the curve of the tree mirrors the curve of the bricks. Stunning x

  18. Definitely a wonderful secret garden to explore, or hide in with a good book!

  19. Had to really stare at this to work out what was going on. A good photo does that. Nice one.

  20. Gosh where is that? It is just lovely

  21. Lovely framing…Very pretty x

  22. Pretty. Is that some ruins in the background?

  23. Wow I love this picture. So magical. Where was it taken? x

  24. Amazing shot!! Just beautiful. Like someone already mentioned, it has a very magical, enchanting feel to it!

  25. Reminds me of a rambling secret garden. It’s lovely and romantic x

  26. Secret garden definitely springs to mind! It looks like ruins to me with a window still remaining. Or it the way the trees make it look?? hmmm🙂

  27. What a lovely wild green space. And the wall beyond too. Great photo.

  28. That’s absolutely gorgeous, what a well composed photo Chris. I love all the shades of lush greenery, the out of focus flowers in the foreground and that ruin in the background. Was it a church? Was it a Wuthering Heights style house? What happened there?

  29. Like Nicki, my first thought was Secret Garden. It’s beautiful.

  30. So magical! Sooo beautiful! x

  31. Breathtaking! *Jay, can we get rid of the ones who are too good at this?* So skilled.

  32. the wall looks a bit like a monster…love it

  33. So gorgeous. There’s sp,ething about an ancient crumbling wall in a pretty English garden (assuming it’s in England!) x

  34. What a lovely place. Is that ruins I spy amongst the trees?

  35. It’s ethereal. Lovely shot

  36. Just gorgeous🙂

  37. Such an inviting enticing photograph. Gives a sense of escape x

  38. Beautiful photo, so wish I was there right now sat enjoying the sunshine🙂

  39. Such a beautiful picture – I love the window in the background, it makes me wonder what other beauty lies beyond it.

  40. It is a mystery and one that I like
    Lovely pic
    Mine is over at

  41. Beautiful. It feels like I’m looking at somewhere stuck in time and very peaceful.

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