Making A Pond In A Bucket – Gardening With Kids

This glorious spring weather means our garden is blossoming and blooming at an incredible rate! No matter how long I’ve been at it, this always catches me by surprise and it’s been all hands on deck the garden to keep up with it. Weeding is a chore but we need to keep on top of it, Darling Daughter is now pretty efficient with a hoe and Bonus Boy loves spotting bindweed and pulling it out. Bindweed is also known as Devil’s guts and if you’ve got it, you’ll know why! Of course he  loves that and delights in pulling the guts out of the ground!

This week we decided that our garden needs a pond. Bonus Boy is in love with tadpoles and frogs and is hoping that our pond may encourage some amphibious visitors.

However, we are spatially challenged. Ours is a small town garden with no room for a large pond (There was one here when we bought the house but it took over the whole garden, was ugly and just a tad hazardous with three very small children so it had to go) so we are improvising with a bucket.

I bought a large 30cm² planter from Poundstretcher for £2.99 and got a willing teen to dig a large hole for it when he got home this evening

Next we added a brick for frogs to sit on, some old pots for fishy interest and a ceramic fish because we wanted to!

I poured 3 gallons of water into the bucket and added a drop of dechlorinator which I bought from our local garden centre. It’s important to do this as pond life is not suited to tap water. If you have a rain butt with enough water in you can use that and skip this bit but my rainwater butt is running horribly dry! Bonus Boy popped in some oxygenating weed (again bought from the garden centre and important if you want to keep fish alive!)

We decorated around the pond and will be adding some more shade loving plants soon. The spot we chose for our pond gets morning sunshine but is in shade for the hottest part of the day, we don’t want our creatures to get overheated!

The water has to be left to dechlorinate itself for 48 hours so we will be making a very exciting trip to the pet shop on Thursday after school to buy a fishy or two!

We already have a gnome of course!

So, what have you been up to in your garden this week? If you’d like to link up your posts so we can have a look at them please click on the little blue blob below. If you could link back to me in your post that would be lovely! I’ll leave the link up until next Monday evening so if you haven’t written one and would like to, you still have time!

Happy Gardening!


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16 responses to “Making A Pond In A Bucket – Gardening With Kids

  1. You are a braver woman than I am, there is no way on earth that frogs and toads are coming anywhere near my garden!

  2. My next Gardening project: At this rate my garden will be full, its only really small!

  3. looks fun – you’ve inspired me! My kids have their own patch of garden near our veggie patch at the end. My son is mostly growing weeds, digging up worms and tormenting ants. My daughter has a potato and a few sunflowers on the go. Like the gnome!

  4. Oh how this post has made me miss our lovely pond. We had a large one back in SA, built from scratch by my hubby, and it was filled with what seemed like hundreds of goldfish. Sadly our fish were used to tempt birds into the garden as we had some magnificent kingfishers that liked to pop in for a quick takeaway every now and then! And when they weren’t there the Little Man used it as his own personal spa bath ;-)!

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  6. We want frogs we want frogs we want frogs!! But somehow I think we can’t have them (esp since we have two cats too…). Love the idea. Perfect and fabulous🙂

  7. Oh fabulous! We had a pond in the garden when we moved in but filled it in when DD came along because if wasn’t safe. This looks a better option, plus she’s older.

  8. Yay for pond buckets. We had one until earlier this year. Kids loved the tadpoles and frogs when they were younger.

  9. It’s my dream to have a big wildlife pond in our garden but the children would end up mainly in it at the moment so it will have to wait until they’re older. A bucket pond is a brilliant idea and I think we’ll try it in a year or two as my sixteen month old would end up in that as well. She has no sense at the moment. But she is only 1.

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  11. John

    Can the frogs and toads get out if they fall in?

  12. Natasha Lambert

    Pond Buckets are god but the only problem I have is that every time I put a tub in to the hole it cracks, My Grandma and Grandad have a bigger one that is up the top of the Garden but I am in the process of building a wildlife Garden so I buying the Material and making a small one out of the proper materail design for ponds. PS My Grandma and Grandad have 7 cats and a dog and we get lots and lots of frogs and toads in our garden. I had a pair of newts in my last Bucket Pond but when it broke i moved them into the bigger one. This pond is a great idea for small children though if you have soft soil not like clay and full of stones!

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