Silent Sunday


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16 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. I love the way bluebells just seem to create a hazy carpet in the woods. Great shot x

  2. Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE bluebell woods🙂 we got to go to a small one near my in laws at Easter, so I got my fix!


  3. I love bluebells. I went and took over 150 photos of them in the woods behind my house this week. Lovely shot!

  4. Oh that looks so serene!

  5. Dawnie

    Stunning photo🙂 I love bluebell woods

  6. Beautiful photograph. When I was a nipper my dad and I used to go for a walk in the bluebell woods nearby. Only problem is that I can’t remember where they are now and I want to take The Boy there. Will have to get my dad to help me find them again!

  7. drop4three

    Beautiful picture. Don’t you just love Spring?

  8. Oh I do envy you; what a magnificent sight!

  9. Looks like there should be some faeries in there. x

  10. bluebells are magical aren’t they? great photo🙂

  11. The colour is just breathtaking. Makes me want to decorate a room in that colour (now where’s my B&Q brochure?)

  12. Lovely bluebell carpet🙂 Reminds me of my childhood when I used to go bluebell picking with my Mum. Can’t do that now of course😦

  13. Love it, really magical!

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