Paper Yachts – Quick Craft

Maggy mentioned her watery theme for this month’s Get Crafty, of course I thought sailing! We miss it so much and can’t wait until we get the opportunity to return to the sea – mad as it is!

I bought my lovely girl this book for Christmas

and she has delighted in producing folded paper goods at every opportunity ever since!

When she appeared with an elegant origami yacht my crafting gene kicked in. It was lovely, I wanted more!

‘But Mummy, there’s no more paper! We’ll have to make some!’

We grinned at each other! Time to get out one of our very favourite things!

She marbled some paper using just green and blue for a watery effect, adding just a few drops and swirling them around a bit

We let the paper dry and then she did her folding thing! The book’s pictures are probably easier to follow than ours but you get the idea.

Fold a square of paper in half, corner to corner

Fold the corners into the centre line

Fold in half

Turn the bottom up and across the crease at an angle

Open out the sheet and fold the bottom back along the crease, surrounding the 'sail'

This book is packed with projects, graded according to difficulty and comes with 61 pieces of paper to get you started. She loves it (I sort of hoped it would be one of those that got forgotten and I could have a go!)


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17 responses to “Paper Yachts – Quick Craft

  1. Oh I love origami and I *love* marbling paper too. How clever yo combine the two together and create approriate paper. Have you got a spare bed for me in that house?

    • It was such fun…I was so excited when I first saw maebling inks in the yellow moon catalogue! I remember marbling paper once at school when I was 8 and I always wanted another go, now it’s any excuse!

  2. Lovely boats – love the marbled paper too! Gorgeous! And the little basket is adorable. I have a couple of Oragami books, bust get into it more!

    And perfect for Water Get Crafty๐Ÿ™‚


  3. How beautiful – I know B will love to make some of these. I love the marbled paper too.

  4. Those are beautiful!

    I may have to attempt this, would be a fab idea as a craft project for all the pirates at my son’s birthday party ;-)!

    We would pre-marble the paper though, the thought of 20 children having access to paint trays is a bit daunting!

    • Indeed! It doesn’t have to be marbled though, we just love marbling and any old excuse will do! Have a go at one before letting the pirates loose and if you have any problems DD is happy to give tips!

  5. Jenny paulin

    What a clever girl you have! Takes after her mum!๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have some origami paper, so will get busy with the boys tomorrow, as we are letting MadDad have a well deserved lie in

  7. Ooh they are lovely. I did marbling once at primary school and loved it, why I’ve never done it again I don’t know. I want my boys to hurry up and get bigger so that we can do origami!

  8. You have fantastic pictures – love just looking at your images. I am the most uncrafty person ever, really have to make a big effort to “make” things, hahaha

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  10. Great post for the Resource Centre. I really like the marbled paper!

  11. We have the same book. My DD is too young to do it on her own but we “help” her and she loves playing with the things we make.
    I love your marbling,too. Lools beautiful.

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