The Day the Falcon Came – Guest Post

Today’s guest poster is my lovely friend Sarah from DiabloPR. We met on-line and are now friends in ‘Real Life and can occasionally be found having a natter over coffee in our favourite cafe. Sarah mentioned in a tweet that she had had a rather special day and I thought you might like to read about it!

Well we certainly got a surprise today and a rather special treat!

We have a bee’s nest inside one of our outbuildings – after doing some research it turns out they are masonry bees and they don’t actually produce honey but they do an awful lot of damage to buildings.  As we live in a terrace and the bees were affecting not just our garden but our neighbour’s too, we called in the ‘Bee Man’.

Photo Credit

 Turns out he’s not a Bee Man at all but actually a chap from Wiltshire called Tim and he runs which is a pest control service.  One phone call this morning was all it took for him to be on our doorstep this evening.

He very calmly and quickly ‘dealt’ with our bees which involved some sort of pesticide being sprayed into the brickwork and a warning to leave well alone for a few hours.

As we were sorting out the invoice, Tim asked whether my ‘little ‘un’ fancied meeting his falcon that he had in the van.  To our absolute amazement he brought out a stunning, pale, speckled female falcon who he then brought through the house and into the garden ‘in case she poos’ (which of course elicited huge giggles from the small person!) He carefully removed her little leather hood and as she sat on his arm and looked around we were totally gobsmacked at her beauty and her serenity.

Photo Credit

She is only young and that day had been helping Tim with a continuing problem at Westlands, the helicopter base near Yeovil.  The base is plagued by seagulls so every week, Tim takes his young falcon down to do her thing – effectively soaring around (at heights of up to 4,000 feet) to scare away the seagulls which would cause untold damage to the helicopters and their crews.

He told us that he has 14 at home, all of which are trained (or rather react as nature intended) to scare off seagulls and other pests.  He’s a busy chap – tomorrow he is off to Reading with his falcon to a deserted brewery that is being developed for housing to do the same job.  As she’s so young she doesn’t even have a name yet but he mentioned that he might call her Liberty (although the last one with the same moniker apparently took her leave one day so maybe that’s a bad omen….)

 Photo Credit

The small person asked all about the leather hood (it keeps her calm – like being wrapped up in a blanket) and the bell on her leg (so that Tim can hear when she makes a kill).  She also wears a tracking device so he can always find her.  We found out that she eats shrews and chicks, as well as seagulls, and that she is a cross-breed bird that Tim himself bred.

A totally wonderful and unexpected surprise on a normal Tuesday evening in the country and something we will never forget.

Have you had a surprise bonus like this which you will never forget?


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10 responses to “The Day the Falcon Came – Guest Post

  1. What a beautiful creature.

    I’ve marvelled at them in the wild, but how lucky are you to get to meet one close-up! What a lovely treat.

  2. Lovely post, so lucky to get a one to one Falcon show! I love all those bird shows at the zoos etc

  3. Beautiful photos. We are real Falcon fanciers and went to a display on our honeymoon!

  4. Oooh wow falcons are amazing birds, aren’t they? I bet little ones would have been FASCINATED (and no doubt the question “where do falcons grow” would have followed quickly. . my son currently asks this about everything. That is thanks to all the veg growing we are doing this year!)

    Hooray to guest posts!

    PS hope you get rid of the destructive bees!

  5. A lovely post! A nice surprise, no doubt. Got rid of teh bees and a falcon comes to visit ……
    My Pops used to be a Bee Keeper, not a lot of people know that😮 And it’s where my screen name ‘HonieBuk’ came from.
    Naughty little blighters them masonry bees, not the real deal.
    A piece of almost interesting information: I have walked through thousands of swarming bees many, many times and never been stung once – I am however, terrified of wasps and have been stung once (aged 6) when putting my wellies on

  6. Reluctant Housedad

    What a fantastic post. Dream day. Gorgeous gorgeous bird

  7. Emma Carson

    Falcon is beautiful!
    I remember masonry bees at Founders’, my old hall of residence at Royal Holloway College in the early 80s – would paste pic of building (it looks like a rather busy cake or something made on Blue Peter) but system won’t let me.

  8. Aww thanks for all your comments🙂 It really was a rather lovely surprise but I am still scrubbing the deck to remove the evidence……..

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