I’m Dreaming of a Green Easter!

Easter Sunday was glorious, the sun shone, I breathed in Springtime, it was green and it was good!

They ran

They talked and walked

They grinned from ear to ear

They enjoyed being alive


The photos were taken on the Stourhead estate at the beautifully named Six Wells Bottom, one of our very favourite haunts.

This post was written for Tara Cain’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers. This week’s subject is ‘Green’. Click on the lens/coffee cup below to see more.


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16 responses to “I’m Dreaming of a Green Easter!

  1. Two very active youths enjoying the fine weather. Lovely to see kids doing what kids should do , enjoy life

  2. wow such lovely photos. so much energy kids have don’t they!

  3. Beautiful. Your photos are oozing with family fun and togetherness🙂

  4. what a beautiful looking place. Definitely one to add to the ‘must visit’ list!

  5. Those photo’s have made me take a deep breath and let it out slowly. What a fabulous outing.

  6. Gorgeous and looks like lots of fun. Very reminiscent of my own children’s Easter, just a few years older! x

  7. wow what gorgeous greenery. Lovely and what great kids. x

  8. Me and my sister used to have cartwheel & hand stand competitions as kids. My 7 YO seems to have taken up the baton now! How lovely to see such care free fun.

  9. Woooheeeee, these are SO utterly joyful. Love them. Spring has sprung x

  10. This green and pleasant land…

    Love seeing your family having fun!

  11. Your photos are always so beautiful and your family always seems to be having so much fun🙂

  12. Lovely photos. I love the handstand.🙂

  13. What gorgeous photos loving them, and loving the new blog look sorry haven’t been around much but looking great xx

  14. pamperedmummy

    Wonderful photo#’s great to let them run and enjoy the great weather!

  15. Oh these photos just say it all – they are so happy and full of life. Perfect gallery entry.

  16. great photos. we used to go to stourhead a lot when I was young. love it🙂

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