Gardening with Kids – Keep it Interesting!

First things first, we need to give you a bean update. Those of you who were here last week may remember that we planted runner beans. Most of them went into pots of compost and have spent the week doing their thing on the bedroom windowsill. We have been measuring them everyday and the excitement is palpable; Bonus Boy can’t wait to open the curtains to see them!

We also planted beans into jars lined with damp kitchen paper so we could watch the whole process happening

It’s been a very exciting week! He is now convinced that, at this speed, we will be up in the land of giants and bringing back the golden goose by next weekend!

This week, we will be:

1. Potting on some of our small seedlings; moving them from their starter pots into larger ones so they have room to grow. I’ve told him this is a bit like getting clothes in a larger size but he did look at me as if I was a bit mad! We planted so many seeds that it doesn’t matter if he’s a bit rough with the seedlings, we have spares!

2. Eating salad leaves and planting more salad seeds so we have a constant supply of leaves for the summer. I refuse to pay £1.50+ for a bag of leaves when I can buy 1000 seeds for the same price! This is one of our salad boxes, it is a window box planter out of reach of the slugs.

3. Making bird scarers out of unwanted CDs. We want to plant our drain pipe full of peas into the ground but a pair of wood pigeons visit our garden for a  munch so we are going to string a line of shiny CDs above the pea plants to scare the birds away!

4. Tending our pizza garden! After last week’s post the lovely Windmill Fields got in touch with me to recommend this book

and to say she had just planted a pizza garden with her little one! I’d forgotten all about pizza gardens; I used to grow them with my big ones so she made me grin from ear to ear and they drifted off happily down memory lane! Luckily we have planted lots of basil (our favourite pizza herb)

and more tomato plants than we will be able to accommodate so we are well on the way!

If you haven’t planted anything yet, it is not too late and many things are just coming into their planting season! We planted carrot seeds and radishes this weekend directly into the ground.

Seeds to plant now include: carrots, radishes, parsnips, beetroot, chard, spinach, spring onions, cabbages, broad beans, broccoli and lettuce outdoors and french beans, courgettes and runner beans indoors.

If the seeds are too small for little hands to cope with mix them with some vermiculite or sand and let them sow them that way. You may still get clumps but they can be thinned out as they grow.

Next week we will be making a little pond, finding new ways to scare the birds and planting unusual plants indoors!

If you have any questions for me or tips for gardening with children do pop them in the comment box below!

Happy Gardening!


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14 responses to “Gardening with Kids – Keep it Interesting!

  1. We planted with the boys yesterday, some chilli, onion sets and repotted the tomoato’s. They will be doing their sunflowers this week too. They love gardening

  2. Your toms are at the same stage as mine but your beans are massive. Mine aren’t haven’t spotted yet tho they are outdoors.

  3. Eldest son is growing pepper plants and is very proud of them (he’s 20 though lol)

  4. Another fantastic post!

    Your basil plants look amazing, lots of lovely pesto to look forward to!

    At the moment I am trying to teach the Little Man the difference between our herbs by getting to know their scent; he can now identify most of them, but mint is his favorite. Once he’s ‘tickled’ the plants he runs over so I can smell his hands . . . I am hoping there is never a nasty surprise ;-)!

    • I’ve just found out you can freeze pesto! I shall be growing a LOT of basil as a result! (Best frozen without adding the cheese) My eldest was a herb tickler when he was little…warn him about nettles!😮

  5. I LOVE the idea of a pizza garden as making pizza together is one of our favourite meals so it ticks all the boxes
    We’ve already started to include MM in gardening, planting seeds and watering and already he has got better at planting. The skills they learn are amazing. We were only saying yesterday that next year we will put all the edible things that he can help himself to in a certain colour pot as he already picks salad, spinach, chives and rocket straight from the pot.

  6. What a great post! I enjoyed reading it a lot. Sadly my salad leaves are not growing well. I watered them daily and they are on the windowsill towards sun. Any ideas about what might be wrong?

  7. Ooooh, fabulous! This is our first year with a proper greenhouse and we’re all enjoying the daily dash to see how all our seeds are growing. Cant’ wait to ditch the crap supermarket ‘salad’ for our own.

  8. We are SOOOO going to do a Bean next year…. Love it!! And where do you get those tubes from for carrots and parsnips (i.e. your other gardening post). Love love love!


  9. Fabulous photos, I wish my greenhouse was tidy enough to do this in!

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