Silent Sunday


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32 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Oh what an amazing find. Was that down on the Jurassic Coast? Or actually (because I’m on my phone and can’t see well) is it drawn?

    Love the new header and layout.

  2. What a great find and a great shot🙂

  3. Wow, pretty darn amazing. Mich x

  4. Wow! Would love to stumble across something like that!! Amazing!

  5. Your lad is going to be one great geologist if he’s discovering rocks like that so early🙂

  6. jay

    Wow…that’s awesome. I’ve only been down to the Jurassic Coast once and had a lucky little find of my own…but nothing as spectacular as this!!

  7. OMG…How cool is that! Love it! x

  8. It just fills me with longing really. My girls don’t explore and wonder like that somehow; they see, the move on, always in a rush. I ache to have a little boy who sees things and wonders about them. One of my girls almost does, but even then, not deeply.

    • I’m so sorry it made you ache. My daughter wonders just the way he does and I have a photo of her taken on the same day with her finds. All my kids are scientists, wonderers and dreamers. I know how lucky I am. x

      • It’s a nice ache, really. All kids are different, but only having girls to bring up, it is impossible not to wonder what the differences would have been. Boys never looked beautiful to me before🙂

  9. What a fantastic find!! A lovely pic with new (lovely little one) & old, the fossil🙂
    Kieran would love to make a find like this! He has asked for a metal detector for his birthday to use over the summer to find treasure (he turns 5 in July!).

  10. Wow, thats amazing. I really want to do that with the kids at some point.

  11. Wow, I’ve always wanted to find a fossil, and that is an amazing one. Brilliant find, great photo🙂

  12. Oh this looks like so much fun, I cannot wait until Piran is old enough to go exploring.

  13. Ho amazing. We were looking at lots of these at the new dinosaur exhibition at NHM.

    Would love to find one for real x

    Happy Easter

  14. That is amazing, what an incredible find! You lucky thing x

  15. That’s lovely, we get sharks teeth on the beach near us. Something so awe inspiring about fossils x

  16. Wow what an ace find! Where were you?

  17. What an amazing find! BB looks like he is set to answer all of life’s big questions as he stares into the mythical circle!

  18. The stuff dreams are made of! What a fantastic spot. x

  19. Wow, where was that? My two would have loved to find that😉

  20. Was he proud of his find? To think how old that fossil is.

  21. pamperedmummy

    What a wonderful photo and what a find!

  22. That’s is a huge fossil – did you manage to leave it there? So great that kids can connect with history just walking a long the beach

  23. Reckon you could sell tickets to that one, it’s fantastic🙂

  24. Shows that reality is so often better than fiction
    Lovely hair too
    My try is over at

  25. WOW…how exciting to find one that big. Lovely shot mrs, full of wonder.

  26. Aly

    This is so cool! And such a big specimen that would look great as a header.I’m most definitely taking mine to the beach this year.

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