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This week’s Gallery challenge over at Sticky Fingers is to choose a photo which sums up your blog.

My blog is all about us, having fun as a family, doing the simple stuff like jumping off a rock. Making memories.


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18 responses to “The Gallery – My Blog

  1. That is the perfect shot, it truly is Thinly Spread in one perfect moment in time!

  2. Gorgeousness!!!! Love it and it really does sum it up!!

  3. Ooooh GORGEOUS photo Chris!! I love it! And I love your description!

    Maggy xx

  4. Perfectly put🙂 and a great family photo. x

  5. Yet another wonderful photo Chris! It sums up your blog perfectly🙂

  6. Oh wow…I soooo love this one! It captures you all together but as individuals…Its great x

  7. Beuatiful picture! I love it.

  8. Lovely photo and prizewinning if you ask me.
    My much less beautiful Gallery try is at

  9. What a gorgeous place that is and lovely photo too

  10. hannah

    Thats a great shot! Really beautiful whereever it is!

  11. Lovely pic and I like the way you’ve caught the cloud definition

  12. Fabulous, just like Tara really – a family all having fun and Mum blogging about it.

    Mich x

  13. Great photo, looks like they’re having a whale of a time!

  14. Brilliantly put and so true. Yours is one of the must-reads.

  15. Your blog is such a wonderful place to visit. You have made me feel part of that wonderful family of yours with all the things you shhare – thank you Chris!

  16. Oh, you’ve done it again! Gorgeous photo😀

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