Gardening With Kids – Get Going With Growing!

I am featured on the CBeebies for Grown Ups Blog Roll for Cooking and Gardening with Children so I thought it was time I wrote a regular series on gardening with small people rather than scattered posts! Come back every Tuesday to see what we’ve been up to.

This week we have been mainly planting seeds, LOTS of seeds! April is the month when you can really get going with growing.

Bonus Boy is always a happy helper and this year he is more dexterous and has a longer concentration span so we have been looking at the enormous variety in seed size, shape and texture.

We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk again and he is very hopeful that our runner beans may reach through the clouds. We have also read this gorgeous book which was written and illustrated by a lovely friend of ours

It tells the story of a seed found by a little girl and her marmalade cat. They tend and water it and watch and wait. When summer comes and their patience is rewarded she takes her plant to school and her teacher shows her how to shake the head to release the seeds to make a whole garden full of flowers for next summer. It is lovely and perfect for beginner gardeners.

We have pushed seeds deep down into velvety compost many times over the last few weeks and our labours are being rewarded.

We plant nearly everything into pots as we have a major slug and snail problem in our little walled garden and we like to give our plants at least a fighting chance. Those broad bean seedlings up there went into the ground this week and they are thriving!

I wanted Bonus Boy to really understand how seeds work and just how miraculous they are so yesterday we planted runner bean seeds into jars lined with damp kitchen paper and popped on the windowsill. As they begin to grow he will see how they split open and will be able to watch the shoot and the root as one reaches up and the other heads downwards.

We will be filling these big fat tubes with compost today and planting a radish seed, a carrot seed and a parsnip seed so we can see how they grow underground.

So far we have planted tomatoes, basil, various salad leaves, lettuces, purple sprouting broccoli, runner beans, dwarf beans, pumpkins, sunflowers, peppers, sweetpeas, various annual flowers, 3 types of chard, perpetual spinach and beetroot in pots. We have a drain pipe full of pea seedlings and we have carrots, potatoes, broad beans, radishes and onions in the ground. We are harvesting rhubarb and herbs, the redcurrants are green and swelling, the raspberries are in flower and the apple and cherry trees are in blossom. All is well in our world!

All you need to get going with growing is a bag of compost, a packet of seeds (preferably for something your child/ren like eating) and something to plant them in. We plant into loo roll inners, egg boxes, plant pots made from newspaper and plastic pots. Now, off you go…get planting!

If you have any tips for gardening with children or if you have a question you’d like to ask, pop it in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer it! Happy Gardening!

Happily shared with Nurturestore’s Carnival Of Spring Play


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21 responses to “Gardening With Kids – Get Going With Growing!

  1. Oooh well done again on the CBBCs link🙂 well deserved!!! And fab idea to have a regular gardening link. Sod the kids I (!) will need it ;-))))

    Red Ted LOVES gardening – we have planted lots, so your guru advice will be v handy.

    Book looks lovely too!

    M x

    • Thanks Maggy, I’m really chuffed they linked to me! The book is fabulous, Caroline’s illustrations are gorgeous. She also writes the Cleo series which is great for little ones.🙂

  2. Well done on the CBeebies link, that’s great!

    We’ve been spending lots of time in the greenhouse recently. C is interested and wants to help but at 22 months is still a little young. We do still try and involve her though.

    Looking forward to reading more about gardening kids. I’m storing up all the ideas!

    • It’s so important to get them involved from the off, it becomes part of life then! BB is very keen on ‘making potion’ while I potter. He pours water into a bucket, adds sand, compost, bubbles and petals and then feeds the plants with a spoon. I miss them when they’re at school, I’ve had a companion gardener for so many years! It’s lovely to know you are out there reading!

  3. I have done some planting out of seeds with The Boy but I fear he’s a little too young at 22 months to completely understand it. I’m going to keep trying though. He’s going to have one of my vegetable patches as his own digging area which will hopefully next year be a gardening section for him. I love gardening, my Bampi was a gardener for a large estate, and then the council, so I want him to inherit my love of a back-garden and growing things!

    I’m going to look forward to this with interest. You should do a linky so that people can link up their gardening posts as well. I definitely would.

  4. This is fabulous, a wonderful way to kick start your new Tuesday slot! I love the idea of growing seeds in tubes so you can see the action right before your eyes!

    The Little Man is already a keen gardener, and he gets such a kick out of using fresh herbs from the garden. This year we have stuck mainly to flowers, but this post has me itching to plant some edibles goodies too!

    Congrats on the CBeebies link, totally deserved though!

    • Thanks Alethea! Every year I mean to cut down on the veggies and increase the flowers a bit but I can’t! We love growing food! Herbs from the garden are just fab aren’t they? I love having them just outside the door ready to snip and cook!😀

  5. Lovely post! We’ve just been out to buy some lilac woodstain for our old and tatty picnic table…we also picked up some solar lights and some sweetpeas, so will be planting and painting this afternoon with my kids.

  6. I love planting with the boys, this week they have planted the onion sets. We can not ground plant much yet, but are hardening off our tomatoes at the moment. Robbie runner beans are a fav. Well done with the Cbeebies link

    • It’s lovely isn’t it?! The ground is ready here now but I’m not assuming we can put everything out just yet, I ‘ve made that mistake before and had to start all over again!

  7. Brilliant article. My wife as been doing this very thing with our daughter. At one point one corner of our kitchen worktop was full of used yoghurt pots which had little seeds planted in them.
    We can now look forward to having some really good salads in the summer with home grown tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and even some strawberries I think.
    Tom Stevens
    Garden Tool Reviewer
    Mantis tiller reviews

  8. kati

    i love your blog post… so inspiring! we’re moving next month so can’t start planting before june… what can i plant in june with the kids?

  9. Great stuff. As you saw, my silent Sunday post was of my youngest son’s attempt to grow tulips. Not challenging I know, but he’s proud of what he’s grown.

  10. Thank you so much for linking to the RC!

  11. Super stuff! I hope to be able to post the fruits of our Gardening efforts soon, Do you have any recommendations on books to read to Funky Monkey (DD) on Gardening and Growing? Would like to get her some for her birthday.

  12. I love this time of year when everything starts springing. Gardening with kids is so much fun and just perfect for learning about science. I’m looking forward to reading more of your series – and thanks for sharing with the spring playcarnival.

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