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I’ve just seen an advert for Potment week at The National Trust’s Barrington Court. I love the word Potment, it perfectly describes the way I garden with children! We don’t have an allotment (the waiting list here is years long) and our garden isn’t very big so we plant as many vegetable and flower seeds into as many pots as we can get our hands on! Anything can be recycled for our Potment and is!

This is a pair of my daughter’s old wellies

These are old colanders filled with herbs

We collect pots from junk shops, skips and obliging friends and neighbours

This year, so far, we have  planted tomatoes, climbing beans, spring onions, chard, lettuces, various herbs, carrots, and peppers in pots. It’s not too late to start any of these seeds off now but if you want to get a sprint start the garden centres are full of seedlings all begging to be bought and loved.

My top tips for gardening with children would be:

1. Plant what they like to eat (it is surprising how many new things they will try if they have grown them themselves so don’t be scared to try something different but, in my experience, most of them won’t eat sprouts even if they have seen them growing on a stalk in the garden!)

2. Give them useful and interesting jobs, not just the weeding. They may plant seeds like little demons but you can thin them out when they come up.

3. Do little and often so they don’t get bored

4. Plant something which will grow very quickly to keep their interest. We had a feverish seed planting day a few weeks ago and then planted cress seeds on tissue in egg shells so we could have almost instant egg and cress sandwiches! Beans grow at a satisfying rate too.

If you fancy starting a potment this weekend have a look at this guest post I wrote for Red Ted Art which explains how to make garden pots out of old boots and junk finds.

Over the next few weeks, due to popular request, I will be running a mini ‘gardening with children’ series showing you what we’re up to and offering some suggestions to get beginner gardeners going. Pop along on Tuesdays for some grubby fun!

So, what are you and yours up to this weekend? Have you got a post to share to give us all some ideas? Something to do, something to make. something to read, somewhere to go – all are welcome! It doesn’t have to be gardening related. Old posts or new can be added to the link, we are building up quite a resource bank now! Please link back here, thank you, and grab the badge if you’d like.

Here’s the lovely little blue blob!

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11 responses to “Something For The Weekend – Potment Gardening

  1. Oooh yes, we need to do some more planting.. the courgettes and sweetcorn didn’t really sprout, so need another go!!

    Thanks for another lovely post!


  2. What a lovely idea. Despite being on your mailing list it’s rare I have time to actually read your posts, but I have been lately and you do have such a lovely blog, full of good ideas. Thanks for sharing it all with us. My girls and I do a lot of gardening too, they are still quite little at 2 and 3 so I have to thin out their planting efforts and I regularly have to stop Tilly eating all the earth and worms!! I think potment gardening is just the sort of thing we could do. Lovely idea. xx

  3. Excellent tips-8yo just read this to 3yo. We’re off to garden centre shortly! Particularly like the variety of pots/containers, definitely an idea we will be using!

  4. I just love this idea & what a fab name! There is no excuse for anyone to miss out on growing is there?!

  5. LOVE the word ‘potment’ how great is that?!

  6. It’s amazing what you can achieve in a small space with plenty of enthusiasm!

    I am looking forward to your gardening series!

  7. Very lovely, what is it about kids wellies?

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  9. I love this idea: it’ll be a great way of remembering how little their feet were!

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  11. Love the wellies and egg cup idea! We are sorting our garden this weekend ready for Spring, all I have asked for my bday next week is plants! and gardening books, things etc. We havent done anything to it since we moved in so its a blank canvas

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