Tomorrow – For The Gallery

Today you have each other. There is always someone around to offer a helping hand.

Where one goes, the others follow

But you are beginning to go your separate ways

Tomorrow, each of you will choose a different path

But remember this, whenever you feel like you are on your own

You have each other

There is always someone here, to hold your hand and listen

Even when we seem to be caught up in our own thing

We are  here for you, today, tomorrow, and tomorrow-tomorrow

Written for The Gallery. This week’s theme is ‘Tomorrow’, click on the badge below to see more entries.


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45 responses to “Tomorrow – For The Gallery

  1. Oh you! You and your tearjerkers. Making me weep on a regular basis. You minx!
    Lovely lovely post.

    • Sorry lovely! I never intend to write them, they just offer themselves up! I am so aware that mine are beginning to leave and feel so lucky to have been given another chance at it with Bonus Boy. There is a clarity to my parenting this time because I know how quickly the difficult bits pass and that, in the general scheme, they’re not too bad and how, all too soon, they are taller than you!

  2. Beautiful.

    I did tear jerker too:/ But then, lol, when don’t I?

  3. Tamsin

    I’m all weepy now! Lovely pictures🙂

  4. Ahhhh, yes. I feel just the same – we’re just reaching the point where the eldest is starting to spread her wings a little (she’s off at pony club all day today again) and I can sense change in the air. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous family, gorgeous writing – as ever.

  5. Oh Chris you have brought a lump to my throat! I live the way you have chosen such beautiful words and accompanying photos to illustrate them. Just gorgeous xx

    • Thanks Jenny…I knew I would use these as soon as I saw the prompt. I was painfully aware when I was taking them a few weeks ago that things were on the change again. *sniffs*

  6. Made me happy rather than tearful. What a gift we give our first born when we have their siblings. Someone to support them in the days when we do not feature in their tomorrows.
    My Gallery attempt is at

  7. you made me well up! beautiful post, as always🙂

  8. A lovely post, such a beautiful take on the word

  9. A brilliant, wonderful, emotional post Chris! They may leave to go their own ways but they will always come back to you & your love!

  10. Just beautiful. What wonderful perspective the pictures give. An amazing post.

  11. So brilliantly written and so cleverly threaded around your photographs. One of my favourites today. Superb.

  12. Lovely photos and such beautiful words, you’ve made me teary…AGAIN! Gah… I’m going to have to stop reading your blog lovely (joke), I need tissues.

  13. I was here. I can’t formulate anything. But you know what I’m thinking. I know you do.
    MJM xx

  14. What a wonderful post, you made me sniffle away earlier. I am so excited about my son getting a sister soon.

  15. What amazing photos and what great words to go with them. I love it x

  16. Oh you have just made me go all tingly and smile with teary happiness that your children have such a happy family life and a love for each other. A sibling relationship is the longest anyone will ever have, I wish more people appreciated it. I’m the youngest of four but we are all very different and ping off in different directions that it makes me really sad. Your children look so close it is lovely.

  17. Ohh I love it, absolutely love it. Thats is proabbly my most favourite photo story ever!

    Mich x

  18. I love your photographs they are always so outdoorsy and happy🙂

  19. Oh, brilliant! So, so lovely! I nearly had a tear in my eye at the end. This would be so gorgeous displayed as an inspirational artwork piece. I might have to borrow your idea and take some pics of my own children. The photographs are absolutely wonderful and so fitting to your words. Fabulous post. Thank you x

  20. Helloitsgemma

    Wonderful photograph – idyllic is the word that comes to mind.

  21. You are just perfect at this sort of post! I just showed the photos to my husband and was telling him about how you happened to end up with four kids, and didn’t that sound lovely… I was met with a firm and sensible “no!”. Despite the fabulous photo opportunities, he insists we stop at 2!

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