Quick Craft – Recycled Bunting

I am not a Royalist, if anything I have Republican leanings but Commoners marrying Princes? Street parties? Glitter and Sparkle? It’s the stuff of fairy tales and I have small children in the house! Time to Get Crafty!

We have started with a little bit of recycled, all-weather (slightly tongue in cheek) bunting.

Mr Thinly Spread has taken to popping into a certain supermarket chain on his way home from work and picking up some bread, milk and a bottle of wine. He never has a bag with him so I have one or two of these in my bag stash.

See those colours? Perfect!

1. Take your supermarket bag and cut out the logo which is, handily, square.

2. Fold it in half diagonally.

3. Repeat with as many bags as you have.

4. Get a nice long piece of string and either staple or glue (suitable for all ages!) the bunting onto the string at bunting-y intervals.

5. Hang your bunting in a tree, open the Pimm’s, fire up the BBQ and invite a few friends round for a party!

This post was inspired by the lovely Maggy at Red Ted Art who put out a call for Royal Wedding craft, how could I resist?



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7 responses to “Quick Craft – Recycled Bunting

  1. What a clever way to use up those bags

  2. Well that is simply genius! I may have to be overly generous to myself with the spread of groceries at the self check out terminal ;-)!

  3. Oooh NICE one!!! And doesn’t Tesco’s just have the perfect colours!!! Love it!!!πŸ˜‰


  4. That is cool. Free advertising for the behemoth that is Tesco though?πŸ˜‰

  5. Saw you over at Red Ted. VERY clever!!

  6. Oh wow, they actually look rather cool!!

  7. That is such a simple and clever idea. I love it!

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