The ‘This Is Me’ Meme

Tara started this meme way back when and Liz at Me and My Shadow very kindly handed it on to me!

I wrote a post about children’s developmental drawing last year so I’m pleased Bonus Boy has moved beyond potato people now! He does usually do fingers on hands and feet on the ends of legs these days but apparently I don’t need any!

This is me by my five-year old. I think I look jolly, a bit bemused and scalped what do you think?

And this is me by my 13-year-old. He had to sketch someone sitting down for art homework and I pinched it. I think it’s pretty good!

If you haven’t done this one yet and you’d like to give me a shout in the comments and I’ll happily tag and link you!


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13 responses to “The ‘This Is Me’ Meme

  1. Gosh you couldn’t get too more different. 1) cartoonish 2) stern

  2. Your boys really are VERY talented!!! Well done them🙂

  3. They’re both excellent. The first one is your guest appearance on South Park, right?

  4. Oh wow – love the first one. You look a bit piratey (yes, I did just make that word up!)

    The second one show lots of talent, but also shows a slightly stroppy mummy! LOL x

    Thanks for doing the meme x

  5. The first one is adorable, the second one is very good for a 13 year old but I agree that you do look stern.

  6. Great piccies, I can’t belive how serious you look in the second one. He must see a different side to Christine to me!

    Mich x

  7. Fabulous artwork. Whenever I try to sketch people they always come out looking a lot sterner than I intend! I’m sure it wasn’t intentional🙂

    By the way I just voted for your blog in the MADs as most ‘Inspiring’🙂 All the best

  8. Won’t this be a lovely post to look back on in years to come. One of my favourite Memes.

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