The Contents of My Fridge – Yes, Really!

This is probably the strangest post I have written. Sally, for reasons best known to herself, asked Jen to reveal the contents of her fridge in the Fridge of A Bad Parent Meme and Jen, very kindly (grimaces) passed it on to me!

So here you go, my fridge. I had, fortunately, been shopping; if she’d passed it to me on Thursday morning it would have been fairly bare. I stocked up because I  knew I had The Tall One with me all day Friday and then everybody else for the holidays. Shopping with children? No thanks!

It contains: Parmesan, a Mr Happy bruise cooler, sun-dried tomato antipasto, pickled onions, dijon mustard, mayo, veg stock, apricot jam, mango chutney, chilli pesto, sun-dried tom pesto, basil pesto, guacamole, haloumi, tofu, cream, creme fraiche, filo pastry, garlic, ginger, yoghurts, Quorn savoury eggs, spinach, fresh pasta, soft cheese, dairylea, greek yoghurt, cheddar, two goat’s cheeses, brie, pea and mint dip, curd cheese, cashel blue cheese, butter (salted and unsalted) Anchor spreadable, eggs, Trex, Babybel, cheese strips, Quorn sausages, egg custards, 2 bags mixed salad, grapes, 3 pots of olives, mushrooms, onions, fennel, aubergine, cucumber, chillis, lemons, cooking apples, parsnips, carrots, sprouts, green beans, cabbage, tomatoes, leeks, potatoes, peppers, broccoli, beers, white wine, orange juice, apple juice, goats milk, passata, ketchup, lemon juice, lime pickle, brinjal pickle, raspberry jam, redcurrant jelly, quick yeast, stem ginger. tomato puree, grain mustard and spicy tomato chutney.

My kids think I have gone completely mad and I am passing the baton of this meme onto these lovely people so their kids can think the same!

Mummy Limited

JaxB at Making It Up

Brighton Mum – Teenage Angst

Kate at The Five Fs

Him Up North

Mom On A Wire

And anyone else who fancies it!


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16 responses to “The Contents of My Fridge – Yes, Really!

  1. catherine (mummylion)

    that’s a good-looking fridge. *invites self for tea*

  2. Ooh stop showing off! Where’s the wine, chocolate, cake? And what’s with all the veggies?
    Actually it’s not that different from mine interetingly – except for the lack of wine, chocolate and cake of course.


  3. I’m truly impressed on two fronts….firstly, the amount of food and secondly the size of the fridge!!!!

  4. I want your fridge I really so. I would love a good sized fridge and would fill it full of condiments. I have to always have cheese and pickles in for late night snaking and shame I have to share any olives with the boys!

  5. It’s so clean and tidy. I have fridge envy!

  6. I couldn’t believe the size of the fridge either, more a tardis than a fridge with the amount it contains…but the thing that impressed me most?? the art work on (I presume) the freezer door, love it!!

  7. OMG-you must have specially cleaned and organised your fridge before you took that picture. It almost reminds me of my mother’s and she has a slight OCD tendency to her fridge and cleaning.

  8. Oh I am jealous of your lovely big fridge! And the contents is making my tummy rumble! Well done on a shining example of how it should be done ;-)!

  9. Ooooh I am liking your fridge! When do you want me around for tea..?

  10. BIG fridge. Lots of yummy stuff. I have to squeeze our stuff into a normal size half & half, which is a true skill you understand. God forbid anyone who actually moves or takes anything out, they risk having half the contents jumping out at them! Um..thanks? for the tag *sneaks off to tidy fridge*

    • and to carry on after my silly laptop decided to have a life of its own ….
      It thought is was meant to be the fridge of a bad parents this is all far too healthy???lol!
      Also I am the only person to keep eggs in a cupboard? and condiments apart from mayo goes in the cupboard must look up food to be kept in the fridge.

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