Something for the Weekend – What Have I Done?

My heart is racing even thinking about what I have planned for this weekend. My mouth is dry, I may break out in a cold sweat. This is what you have to do when those small sweet little boys turn into big smelly ones.

I’m hoping I don’t embarrass myself – I am planning on embarrassing them with a bit of girly squealing and possibly a Tarzan yodel!

This weekend, courtesy of Go Ape Mr Thinly Spread, our two oldest boys and myself will be swinging through the trees, walking along tight ropes, zipping down zip wires. The wind will be rushing through our hair, our hearts will be racing and I suspect we will be having the time of our lives.

Watch this space for next week’s review – the photos may be blurry!

So – what have you got planned this weekend? If you have written a post (old ones are very welcome) which gives us all some ideas for weekend (and holiday) family fun please add it to the little blue blob below! I would be VERY grateful if you could link back here in your post and if you’d like to grab the badge that would be lovely!

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5. From the Archives: Perfect (Easter!) Icing – Red Ted Art

6. Make a Mini Garden with Smiling Like Sunshine

Disclosure: We have received 4 complimentary tickets to take our lives in our hands this weekend and I have agreed to review our experience in return. Seems like a fair deal to me!

Pictures courtesy of Go Ape


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13 responses to “Something for the Weekend – What Have I Done?

  1. That has literally made me break out in a cold sweat! I am absolutely terrified of heights!
    Recently I stupidly climbed the big-winding-never-ending staircase at Kew Gardens to do the rooftop walk with the boys. By the end of it I was practically crawling on all fours, and my husband says I went as white as a ghost.
    Never again!
    But you have fun!

  2. That is really brave. Good luck. I bet you have a wonderful time (but don’t ask me to come with!!!)

  3. Ooh I’d LOVE to do this! I shall look forward to your review

  4. Sounds like fun. Good luck and looking forward to hearing all about it. x

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  6. You Lucky thing! You’ll have a great time…even if a bit scary x

  7. That looks scary!! Hope you have a fab time! We’re hopefully getting crafty this weekend!

  8. all I can say is enjoy, as involves taking your feet more than 4 inches above the ground then defo not for me, cant cope with heights, look forward to reading the reviews and seeing the (blurry) pics

  9. You will love it. I did this last summer with my 2 sons. I was so proud of myself afterwards & my sons had a renewed respect for me, as I am a little afraid of heights. The zip wire at the end, at the one in Bedgebury was awesome & I found myself saying, “again, again, again!”
    Have a great weekend.
    Jacqui x

  10. j-e-a-l-o-u-s. This is right up my street, you must tell me how you get on.

    M2MSadly i migh have to wait a few year (my boys are only 5 and 2) but i’m def up for this one.

  11. I did a little wee after seeing those pictures. I am a modern woman, equal to all men and so on and so forth; however – here isn’t a hope in hell I would be that brave! Although now I’ve typed that I feel like a wimp and want to have a go. Can you do reverse psychology on yourself?

    We haven’t “yet” got any mad plans for the hols, taking it each day (and weather report) at a time, but hubby is off next week too so hoping for some adventures out & about with the boys. Looking forward to hearing your account of Go Ape. Just remember to breathe!🙂

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  13. Aly

    As I said on Twitter to @himupnorth *barfs* I hate heights

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