Toys To Last – No.1 – The Playhouse!

This is the first of a short series recounting the toys which have stood the test of time. We have made many mistakes, usually when we have been trying to escape an overcrowded toyshop with one, two or three screaming toddlers but all the toys in this series are keepers. Many of them have been with us for over a decade and show no signs of exhaustion. They allow children freedom to explore, imagine and learn without limitation and are worth investing in.

We bought our playhouse when The Tall One was 5, Sensitive Soul was 4 and Gorgeous Girl was 2 which explains why it is adorned with a brass house number 5. I have never got round to putting up curtains or making cushions, I shoved the old play kitchen in there and they just got on with it over and over and over again.

The Tall One and Sensitive Soul no longer fit but Gorgeous Girl and Bonus Boy love it still. They make mud cement and ‘fix the roof’, Bonus Boy loves washing the windows, Gorgeous Girl and her friend were in there last weekend giving it a spring clean. It’s not fancy pants, upstairs downstairs, half way up a tree but it’s been a castle, a laboratory, a witch’s hovel. It’s been Diagon Alley, a jungle hut and a Wild West Saloon. It is somewhere to lay down a rug, have a picnic of breadsticks, grapes and a jug of water and to sing songs with your brother or sister. It’s fabulous!

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What are your toys for keeps?


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10 responses to “Toys To Last – No.1 – The Playhouse!

  1. I’ve only recently been allowed to get rid of my kids’ playdough toys/tools! They first had them when they were toddlers and are now 10 and 12. They used to love making pretend food and having playdough tea parties!

    • Ah, yes, playdough! It’s on the list! Wonderful stuff! I’m not sure I will be able to throw the tools away…they may end up in my ‘when I’m a Granny’ box!

  2. Wow what a great house. I’m not sure as mine are only 4 and 2 so far it’s mainly been soft toys that they have had since a baby and won’t sleep without. x

  3. Lovely, we have had one similar and the kids still use it.

    • Thanks, a playhouse has so much scope for play (and it’s a good place to escape to when you’re having a pre-teen turn and are surrounded by insensitive brothers!)

  4. We love our playhouse. So glad that we asked people for money for their birthdays and got a wooden one, as it has and will go on and on

  5. Our tried and tested banker is Lego. Still gets an outing with both boys.

    Look forward to seeing your other toys to last🙂

  6. Great playhouse! I’d really love to have one too for my kids. So far we used a subsitute to playhouse – 2 play tents connected with tube.

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