Mother Love

Mother Love – It’s A

Body wrenching Heart stopping Sleep deprived Nose wiping Pride swelling Fear Inducing Strength sapping Magic making Cuddle sharing Joy filled Negotiating Blind panicked Sunshiny Thunder cloudy

Roller Coaster Ride

For my daughter. Who is now much bigger than this. Who has a temper like mine and who I love  no matter what.




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23 responses to “Mother Love

  1. Absolutely lovely and so true!
    My daughter is a mini me and I love her to bits.

  2. Gorgeous pic, and it also looks like one of the most beautiful places to be! x

  3. That is so true and what a lovely pic!

  4. Ooh, that’s lovely. You’ve got to grab these moments when they are little haven’t you?

  5. Oh I just love this photo, a beautiful moment captured.

  6. Lovely, but ooh daughters scare me a bit. We’ll have to see if I’m growing one how it goes

  7. Paula

    it’s the ‘no matter what’ that’s important isn’t it? Completely with you there Mrs M xx

  8. Gorgeous. What a perfect moment x

  9. Michelle @utterlyscrummy

    *sob* That’s such a gorgeous pic. I know how hard the ‘no matter what’ is sometimes (((((hugs)))))

  10. I hope that I have a good relationship with any DIL I may nor may not get. You look lovely in that pic and I tell the boys no matter what all the time and we have the book of the same name

  11. Wow! You look gorgeous Chris! I love your words to sum up motherhood too. She is a mini me of you xx

  12. Super picture and some of the truest words ever written I think.

  13. Lovely photograph and such a great description! Emma

  14. Awww that is so lovely. xx

  15. You are both gorgeous. xo molly

  16. I love the words just as much as the picture on this post. Both perfectly sum up what being a mum is all about. x

  17. Beautiful and heartfelt in both words and pictures. Thank you for sharing both with us all.

  18. Very True…and Beautiful photo x

  19. So true and such a beautiful picture. x

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