Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday. One photo. Taken By Me. This Week. No Words.


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22 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Chris that’s beautiful x

  2. How stunning. How can flowers look frothy?!

  3. Adorable! Looks soft enough to lie on and day dream the day away🙂

  4. Beautiful, very spring like, Lx

  5. Lovely! How can so little colour say so much?

  6. If those are elderflowers I am officially jealous! But since I am generally useless at identifying flowers I am more than likely wrong ;-)!

    Gorgeous photo!

  7. How delicate do they look. Gorgeous photo Chris.

  8. Brill picture. I’m guessing plum blossom. Am I right? Am I? Am I?😉

  9. Beautiful shot, isn’t it wonderful the blooms are out everywhere?

  10. That’s what mother’s day is all about🙂

  11. Oops sorry last comment should have gone to Tales from the Village’s blog. What I meant to say was how lovely white blosson is, great shot!

  12. L

    Oh wow! That’s gorgeous!

  13. So delicate and so beautiful x

  14. very pretty. I love white flowers🙂

  15. Really pretty photo looks like springtime snowflakes🙂

  16. beautiful! blossom really is lovely🙂

  17. I am loving all these flowers. Very pretty. Makes me think of purity.

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