Emergent Writing – He’s Off!

I wrote a post last year about children’s developmental drawing. Bonus Boy has spent hours of his little life drawing and mark making and he is now beginning to write. Like all my children he is stubborn (no idea where they get it from) and is reluctant to have a go at something until he can get it absolutely right. This stands them in good stead as they tackle the big wide world but it can hold them back as they start trying to find their way in the classroom.

That is why my heart sang this week when he sent two scraps of paper down to me with his sister. He wanted to write to me and he wasn’t going to let his worry about the right letters in the right place hold him back. This is emergent writing at its best and moves him one step on from a jumble of letters for the sake of letters to using letters to communicate.

I went up to tuck him in and there it was again on his drawing board

Do you know what is says? Sound it out, use your phonics for all but the first letter.

I asked him.

He looked up at me beaming ‘It says I loves you’

My heart explodes. Of course. I l f shue.

This morning he ran in and stuck this to the fridge with a Ben 10 magnet.

See the rubbing out? ‘I couldn’t fit the ‘you’ on so I started again Mummy’. It’s not long since he would run out of room for his name and just carry on on the next line below or above!

I read somewhere recently that theΒ  5 year old brain is as big as the adult brain but at no point in life will we learn faster than we do at 5. I can hear that brain whirring and the leaps and bounds it makes are astonishing.

Has you child had an amazing leap in learning this week?


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36 responses to “Emergent Writing – He’s Off!

  1. Oh that post has actually made me tear up! It really is magical watching how they develop, almost imagining their synapses hi-5ing each other every time they figure something out.

    BB writes very well, and what a perfect thing to write just in time for Mother’s Day!

  2. This is a wonderful post and all the more reason for people to let children learn and so things in their own time. BB has made a connection in his brain and there will be no stopping him now. What a wonderful epiphany and what a wonderful message

    • Absolutely! They learn if they are given time and space to do so with no pressure. Parental/Teacher expectation can squish them so easily, encouragement can make them fly! (But YOU know that!)

  3. Oh what amazing writing! And like Aletha has said, what a perfect Mother’s Day gift *wipes tear*
    Well done BB! x

  4. Pru

    Just lovely!πŸ™‚

    Those days long gone for me but just spoke to daughter (trainee primary teacher) and she is taking her first full classes on placement atm. All thinking on her feet as teacher she’s working with is sick today! So excited ‘Mum I did a maths class – angles!’ – they still make you proud at 21!

  5. Lovely! My youngest daughter is just coming up to her 17th birthday but for mine she made me a card with I love you written on it about 100 times. You are right – it makes your heart explode!

  6. That is so lovely to see, so nice you have it documented now to always look back on too! So sweet. My boy can do his name now, which I still can’t get my head around, they will continue to amaze I’m sure.

  7. Oh WOW! I may just have got ‘something in my eye’ *wipe eyes* when looking at that second photo PLUS all sorts of puffy proud, and he’s not even mine!! SO lovely…

  8. How fabulous! I think was an easy read – very logical! He’ll be following in his mums footsteps soon!

  9. seasiderinthecity

    That’s fantastic – I can hear the pride in your writing! I can’t wait for Jacob to be doing things like that, but I’m just going to let him do it in his own time – stubborn too!

  10. My heart just swelled looking at the first scrap of paper because (yes as a teacher) I’d work out what it said. I bet that’s gone into the keepsake box?

    Clever little *determined* bonus boy!

  11. mum

    Wow !! Having seen the first one already, what a huge step on [ removes lump from throat ]Well done BB.

  12. I love his use of phonics! I wrote something similar about my 5 year old yesterday…

  13. Aaaaahhh you must be all glowing inside and beaming all day!!πŸ™‚

    Maggy x

  14. Wow, you must be the proudest mummy ever! That was so adorable!

  15. That’s just lovely. My 5 yo daughter sounds a lot like him, wanting it to be perfect, just right. I worry for her when she starts school this coming August that it will, as you say, make her hold back a little for fear of being wrong but I’m sure she’ll learn to take chances.

    Isn’t it funny how their minds work, incredible really that we create these little actual real people capable of such things!

  16. That made my heart swell up for you. My boy is at the same stage, things are falling into place and he leaves little messages all over.

  17. That’s just … so great! I did the jolly phonics and got it! Can’t believe you have captured all that and can show him in time to come. What a great memory to have. My son (6 tomorrow!) has a mini whiteboard up in his bedroom after badgering me for one like his teacher has – he loves it and I love deciphering his little messages – you have inspired me to take some pics of them tooπŸ™‚

  18. Laminate thatπŸ™‚

    Has my child had a leap in learning this week? Oh probably, his 5yo brain must have learned something, yet strangely it’s neither the true meaning of the word “stop” or the word “no”.

    Funny that….

  19. That is so lovely what a gorgeous thing for him to do and so lovely gorgeous xxx

  20. This was so lovely to read!.. my son has ASD & rarely writes anything for me how sweet and precious our children are xxx

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