Fast Food!

This may well be the perfect box of goodies for the mother of teenage boys

The people at Innocent drinks thought we might like to try their new range of veg pots which all have the Vegetarian Society seal of approval. As I now have two boys who I cannot fill I almost bit their hands off at the offer (except I am veggie so that would be really bleurgh and a bit of a No-No!)

Innocent veg pots are, quite simply, bursting with proper stuff. Real vegetables in chunky pieces and lots of them. They are full of flavour and goodness and THEY FILL YOU UP! They come in eight flavours and the ones we tried were all very tasty. The addition of beans and pulses or cheese means they are also protein rich and tick the ‘proper meal for a growing boy/girl’ box. Veggie fast food can often be bland and boring relying heavily on potatoes and cheese so these were a revelation!

I could rave on and on but basically they are delicious, buy them. My teens love them, I know they are scoffing down goodness and they are quick and easy. They contain 3 of their 5 a day and no nasty colourings or flavourings. They, rather annoyingly, apparently taste as good as the things I cook!

Yes, I know I could freeze portions of  family meals for later consumption and I do. But often –  I don’t, or I do cook twice as much intending to freeze some and they just gobble the lot then and there so these are a great stand by!

Here’s an arty photo of a veg pot meal, steaming on the plate (of course if you have a microwave the teen can eat it straight from the pot which makes it practically perfect!) with a teen in the background actually yelling at me ‘Stop with the photos Mum I want to eat it NOW’! He wasn’t impressed at all with my locating a jug to complement the meal.

I made him wait a bit longer while I took this one (cruel but funny)

Just one more thing to say – Innocent veg pots encourage conversation. It’s true! Like their juices and smoothies they have amusing little asides scrawled on their packaging . We particularly liked the Veg Pot Gym idea on the Piri Piri flavour. It suggests various ways to keep fit including The Pant Flick where you  put your pants on the floor, use your toes to pick them up and then seeing how many times you can flick them in the air with your toes before you get bored. Hilarious.

The packaging could be a problem and Innocent acknowledge that. They offer a link to see if your council is one of those which recycle the pots and claim to be ‘working on a longer-term solution’. In the meantime each pot comes with a suggestion from the ‘101 Things to do with your pot’ list. We are growing chilli plants in ours.

You can buy Innocent veg pots in Waitrose and selected Sainsburys and Tesco stores. What flavour do you think would work well in a veg pot?

Disclosure: We received four veg pots, some napkins, some cardboard forks and a little hessian bag containing two plugs of fresh herbs to personalise our pots – nice touch. Innocent asked if I could write a review in return, my review is honest and entirely my own opinion. I am not in the business of flattering companies and only review products which interest me.


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7 responses to “Fast Food!

  1. I know what you mean about boys. Bottomless pits!!
    I often look at these, but I’ve never actually got round to trying them. I think I will now though. Nice review🙂

  2. I love Innocent Veg pots, they’re helping me diet!

  3. We’re not vegetarians but I’m salivating at these photos (nice jug, by the way!).

    I think my teen would love these. Great idea. I don’t think our Tesco has got them so may try Sainsbury’s a bit further away.

  4. Those look good…thanks for the introduction to them as I had never heard of them before.

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