Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday. One Photo. Taken By Me. This Week. No Words.


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36 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Earth Hour I think! Really brilliant pic!

  2. That’s cool! What made it?

  3. How fab, that is amazing xxx

  4. alisonwells

    Very cool

  5. Cool, how did you do that?

  6. That’s brilliant – I’m intrigued!

  7. That’s brilliant. Reminds me of the ‘Talk Talk’ clips that used to be in front of xfactor or somthing like that.

  8. How did you do that? Excellent!

  9. What a brilliant photo how did you do that xx

  10. Incredible. Ingenious. Inventive. In a minute I’ll stop gushing.

  11. AWESOME!! I remember you doing this before, clever clogs x

  12. How cool is that! Fab! x

  13. Earth hour? Fabulous as always.

  14. That’s blooming fab stuff! x

  15. How fab! It reminds me of them Talk Talk sponsorship trailers before X Factor🙂 Brill x

  16. That is fantastic – how you managed it I’ll never know!! If I tried a pic like that it might end in me setting the kids on fire. So frowned upon!
    Another cracker from Thinly Spread🙂

  17. jay

    Yeay for light painting! Blimey I really must do that tutorial…this is great! x

  18. Very clever – it reminds me of those adverts as well🙂

  19. I have NO idea how you did this but I LOVE it!

  20. Ha, ha! That’s brilliant! Great photo!

  21. That’s incredible. Well done, Chris.

  22. So impressive, what a great photo.

  23. That’s fab! I love photos like this, so clever. Did it take lots of attempts to get it right?

  24. ….??!! …. *non-plussed in Haag*.
    I was taking bets with myself all day that you’d use this as your theme while cursing that I hadn’t. Ingenious … make ’em think and the message may hit home. Win/win. Hats off to ya Misses. x

  25. Oh my! You clever clever lady!! What fun!!!


  26. I was looking forward to getting to yours – and yet again, you have not disappointed!

  27. I NEEEEEEEED to learn how to do this! Fabulous photo🙂

  28. That is such a clever picture. You always amaze me with your photography.

  29. That’s such an amazing shot….would love to know how you did it??? x

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