Ninjabread Men

I bought these fantastic cutters after a conversation on Twitter with Jen from The Madhouse. How could they not be a hit?!

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Thanks Jen!


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16 responses to “Ninjabread Men

  1. jay

    OMG. They are all kinds of awesome. Stuff like this actually makes me want to be good at baking (no hope). They look brilliant!

  2. lol these are great. My wee guys love gingerbread men so they would love these. x

  3. How cool are they? And expertly decorated too.

  4. Oh my word, these are hilarious!!!! I love love love them! Clever Jen!


  5. Love them…want some!! x

  6. Those are fabulous, I want some! I love quirky cookie-cutters. The favourite in this house is a pair of Ampelmann cookie-cutters from Berlin.

  7. Oh they’re fabulous. WANT!

  8. Oh Wow! They are fab! I want some, lol! x

  9. Those are amazing – my son would love them!

  10. I love mine so much, so glad you are enjoying them too. I never get to take photo’s they get eaten far too fast

  11. See now I am going to have to break mine out of the packaging and see if I can do any better😉

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