Play Together, Learn Together

I am a teacher. Through and through. From the tips of my toes to the ends of my mad hair. I don’t, however, fit into today’s education system. I cannot stand in a room of children who want to be outside and talk about integers, averages or percentages. For me education is about learning and learning happens through play. Play is experiencing the world around you and finding out how it works. Education must be meaningful and fun. It has to be fulfilling and every child should be given the opportunity to reach for the sky.

With the best will in the world this cannot happen at school. There are too many children, too many targets and too many distractions. That is why it is so important to keep playing together and learning together beyond the pre school years and to keep feeding children’s imaginations to keep that spark burning bright.

I see learning opportunities everywhere. This is just one. This is the day we all taught Bonus Boy about shadows.

And taught him the YMCA dance

And he found out about capacity all by himself when he overfilled his scarf with cuttlefish skeletons and had to find a bigger container!

This post was written for this week’s Gallery which is all about Education. Go and look!



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16 responses to “Play Together, Learn Together

  1. Beautiful photos that sum you up so well Chris!

  2. My kind of teacher Mosler, my kind of teacher x

  3. Excellent choice of photos – and such a great ethos behind the fun that’s shown

    I’ve got a similar shadow photo to your first one – always makes me smile.

  4. Love the shadow photo’s🙂
    p.s I’d love “mad” hair like yours🙂

  5. Yay, everyone should have a family photo of them doing the YMCA in shadows! Fabulous.

  6. Beautiful photos in fact my Bessie was quite worried this morning as she couldn’t find her shadow.🙂

  7. Thank you, you’ve put into words exactly what I have been struggling to resolve since I left teaching to be a mum. Love what you say about continuing to play. Gorgeous shadow shots, YMCA made me laugh.

  8. Brilliant post and one that I finds strikes a chord with me. I am becoming increasingly frustrated by, and bored in, the classroom and if I am, then what about the children? Good for you!

  9. What a fantastic post. You’re so right, play is the only real way to learn

  10. I totally, utterly, one gazillion percent agree.

    I also LOVE the second photo🙂

  11. More teachers should be like you. The importance of play seems to be long forgotten.

  12. great photos, love the second one!

  13. We love making shadow photos too. Great post by the way.

  14. I stumbled upon your post as it had been retweeted by a psychotherapy contact. I love your ideas, it’s so exciting to see children in the fresh air, exploring and experiencing the world. Just curious – do you do home-schooling then? Or do you just get up to lots of extra-curricular activites? Sarah x

    • Thank you! No, we don’t home school…although much soul searching has taken place over that decision and it is not irreversible! I like them going out into the world and experiencing it without me. Learning how to get on with a huge variety of people. Finding their own way. But, it’s hard sometimes. I try to do a lot with them when they are not at school, I didn’t stop being their teacher when they stepped through the school doors. They teach me so much too, life is one long learning journey! Thanks so much for popping by and commenting.

  15. These photos are great and you make such a valued point about teaching as well xx

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