Something for the Weekend – Mini Boffins

For this week’s Something for the Weekend I shall be donning my white coat and glasses, ruffling up my hair mad professor style (doesn’t take much!) and setting up some scientific experiments with my mini boffins. We are celebrating the end of this year’s National Science week. The theme for 2011’s science-athon has been ‘Communication’ so we’re going to explore sound waves and vibration using musical instruments, yoghurt pots and gloop! If you are not sure how to explain sound to children this is a very clear explanation. Don’t explain anything until they have experimented and had a guess themselves, ask lots of questions ‘Why do you think…?’ ‘How do you think that happens?’ etc (yes, I am wearing my teacher hat today!)

Exploring sound waves – a few ideas

  • We have a LOT of musical instruments in this house (2 trumpet players, one violinist, one guitarist, one pianist, one flautist and a small boy who likes playing all of these given the chance!) We have a box full of percussion instruments, a glockenspiel etc. I have picked up a lot of things second-hand but music is one of the things we have chosen to spend money on because music enriches lives. I am going to let Bonus Boy have a go on all the instruments and ask him how he thinks the sound is being made and how it reaches our ears.

  • We might make some drums by stretching plastic bags over different sized plastic flower tubs and securing the bags in place with elastic bands, Then we are going to bash them and listen to the difference in pitch for each drum.
  • We might fill some bottles or jars with different amounts of water and tap them to see which notes they make. We might blow across the top of them too!
  • We might to wrap some tissue paper around a comb and blow through it.
  • We might make a very loud noise with our thunder maker and see how far away we have to be before we can’t hear it anymore (These are brilliant, I was going to show you ours but SOMEONE has hidden it!)
  • We might make yoghurt pot telephones with two yogurt pots and a long piece of stretched string joining them together and see if we can talk to each other.

So, what are you up to this weekend? Have you posted anything to share? It could be something to make, something to bake, somewhere to go, something to do…anything which can be enjoyed as a family! Please pop your link onto the blue blob below and please link back to me in your post. You can grab the badge too if you want to! Have a lovely weekend!


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5 responses to “Something for the Weekend – Mini Boffins

  1. Music and noise ARE GOOD! Especially if I am out of the house and leave The Englishman to it… teehee.

    M x

  2. Wow, what fabulous ideas! We have a few instruments lying around here as well ( piano, recorder, double bass, trombone plus the usual percussion toys) so can give most of those a go!

  3. Some fantastic ideas. I will definitely be trying out some of these at the weekend. x

  4. These ideas are fab, I love music. Stupidly I sold my flute when I was at uni, but when at school I used to play the piano, flute and guitar I only have a guitar left I would love a piano in our house and have mentioned to the Mr that I want a flute. Would also love cello lessons. Mr used to play the drums as well but I don’t think we have the space at the moment, too many toys. xx

  5. Some fab ideas Chris, thanks for linking to our carnival. I’ve never seen, or rather heard, a thunder maker before.

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