Happy Blogoversary to Me!

My blog is one year old today. I umm-ed and I ahh-ed over how to mark this occasion and (after a little prompting by @DaisyCottageIRL on Twitter) I decided that I deserve a bunch of flowers!

It’s not thought-provoking or world-changing but it made me happy! I spent the morning working, then I baked, had lunch with a friend and am now off for half an hour digging the garden before I collect Bonus Boy. Simple pleasures to feed the soul which is what blogging has brought to me!

What is your favourite simple pleasure?


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54 responses to “Happy Blogoversary to Me!

  1. That’s how I feel about blogging at Writer’s Rest. Lindsay

  2. Happy Birthday! Only one year old, what a lot you have achieved. Glad you are marking the occasion. the simple pleasures you are so good at celebrating are really important. Lovely biccies x

  3. Happy blogoversary. And what lovely cakes. x

  4. Happy blogaversary! I missed mine yesterday but perhaps will have aprty at the w/e! BTW love those flowers!

  5. Happy blogoversary. I can’t believe this is only a year old; you seem so well established with such a following, I thought you’d been doing it ages.

  6. Happy Blogoversary! I really can’t believe your blog is younger than my blog!!

  7. I love the biscuits. Blogging has brought people like you in to my life, which is one of my favorite things, Also it has opened up doors for work for me too

  8. Oh my dear lord those cookies are so delightful looking I’d be afraid to eat em.πŸ˜€ Happy happy blogo-day!

  9. Happy 1st year!!

    So glad to have ‘met’ you and can’t wait to actually meet you.

    Long may your beautiful blog continue.

    I’m pining for one of your biscuits – a. they look divine and b. they’d look so perfect on my charity shop primrose yellow tea trio!


  10. Congratulations! Reading your blog is a real pleasure for me. You inspire me a lot. I’m so pleased that blogging has connected me to people like you.

  11. Congrats. Those cookies look fabulous!

  12. Happy Birthday! And they are a LOVELY bunch of flowers. Love ’em

    Hugs to you

    Maggy x

    • helen frame

      Hi Chris! Many congrats on your ‘blogoversary’ day from your newest fan…

      and thank you so much too for your fantastic photos – brilliant ‘cake’ pic – i love it!
      very best wishes too, helen

    • Thanks Maggy and thank you so much for your friendship and support over the last year! x

  13. Bev

    Happy blogerversary! those cookies are fabulous!πŸ™‚

  14. Happy blogoversary to you.
    Happy blogoversary to you.
    Happy birthday dear Chris who is Thinly Spread.
    Happy blogoversary to you.

    Here’s to the next happy year!

    P.S. That is the most delicious looking bunch of flowers I have ever seen!

  15. Ah, happy blogaversary lovely Chris. It’s been a complete pleasure riding the good ship Thinly Spread with you – long may it continue xx

  16. Happy blogoversary to you! Simple pleasures to feed the soul are definitely the way forward x

  17. Gorgeous. Happy bloggaversary. Simple pleasures for me include admiring the scenery and enjoying other ppls’ picturesπŸ™‚

  18. Happy Blogoversary! Well done for such as fab blog.
    Those biscuit look amazing too.

  19. Many happy returns of the bloggy day! One year today!

    Love the flowers and the biscuits.

    Here’s to many more years of spreading yourself thinly.

  20. Happy blogoversary I can not believe your blog is only one year old amazing xx

  21. happy blogoversary! I keep missing mineπŸ˜‰
    those flowers looked yummy x

  22. No Way! Only 1 year old and this good. Happy Blogoversary – many happy returns (for us to comment). Love the photo!

  23. Only 1?? you baby you, but with the blogmaturity of a 200yr old *sighs* … Happy blogowhatsit Hun. AND … um, BUT … *coughs* (and I quote .. (abbreviated) ): she
    “spent the MORNING working, THEN baked, (THEN – my word) had lunch (THEN spent) half an hour digging the garden BEFORE (collecting) Bonus Boy ….” …..
    How?? When?? With which crow-bar??! You truly are something else Lady … either that or you were blessed with a 50hour day.
    Please. Please. Please teach me how to be as organised as you. Pretty please.
    MJM xx

  24. Happy 1 year Chris. Is this the same blog that started off as Musings of a Mosler? it must have been about a year ago that I found you then.

    Mich x

  25. Jenny paulin

    Happy blogaversary Chris! Those flower biscuits look yummy and so pretty. Xx

  26. No way! I totally thought you had been blogging for longer than that. And I mean that as a compliment, not that you’ve been around for ages or anything. *runs off to find a shovel*

    Happy Anniversary – may you have many many more x

  27. mum

    Happy blogoversary!

  28. Happy blogoversary! One of my simple pleasures is stopping by your gorgeous blog x

  29. Happy blogoversery lovely! And what better way to celebrate it!

  30. Happy blogoversary! Those look yummo! Mine is coming up soon — will have been blogging four years — thinking of doing a VLOG to celebrate! Heh!

  31. Happy 1st blogoversary! And thank you for the mention! The little daisy shaped biscuits ~ bet they were delicious.

    Catherine x

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