The Gallery – Trees – Again!

This week’s Gallery challenge is trees. I did trees. Last week. So, here are some more!

I love trees, there is nothing closet about my tree hugging and, I am pleased to say, my children are very keen on them too!

This post was written for Tara’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers. Click on the Lens Cup to see more!


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45 responses to “The Gallery – Trees – Again!

  1. Jenny paulin

    Your tree photos are always fanstastix and these new ones are too! The colours younhave captured are beautiful! I love your little tree buggerπŸ™‚

  2. Brilliant. Such a great selection of colours. Really like these.

  3. Wow, that red bark is gorgeous! And how lucky to have a little monkey just hanging around waiting to be photographed ;-)!

  4. came to see your photo’s, but haven’t stopped laughing at Jenny’s comment yet.

  5. Wow!!!!! Stunning, absolutely magnificent! So enjoy your photography.

  6. Loving Jenny’s comment. LOL Great photos as always tho, Chris.

  7. Those are absolutely stunning. =)

  8. These are beautiful – I think the yellow is my favourite – love when the trees start getting all autumnal.

  9. Wow incredible pictures I love the second one where it looks like the trees are dancing. x

    • It was a gorgeous place. We took the children there having been there as a couple many, many years ago. It’s magical. It’s the forest beside the fantastic Dolgoch Falls in Wales.

  10. Hahaha! I was wondering if you’d join in given your one word choice! What a gorgeous, mulit-coloured selection.

  11. These are absolutely stunning photographs. Really shows how different trees are, so many textures, colours and contrasts. Lovely stuff.

  12. I love the bark one. And the typos made me laugh!

  13. Your photos are always just beautiful but these really are stunning. I love the dancing trees in the second picture! x

  14. The perfect Gallery theme for the likes of you and I Chris!

  15. Love those trees. In the second one the branches looks almost crinkle-cut. Amazing. And as for that red bark, I just want to run my hands along it.

  16. You are such a good photographer, these are brilliant. Love the trunks in the second pic x

  17. Michelle Twin Mum

    Chris you amaze me. Same theme 2 weeks and these photos are even more show stopping that the last bunch. Brilliant.

    and Lol at Jenny!

    Mich x

  18. All stunning! You can never have too many trees!

  19. aww, the last one is fab (they all are actually…)

  20. Gorgeous pics, gorgeous boy and gorgeous Jenny for her comment. I’m LOL :0)

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