Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday. One Photo. Taken By Me. This Week. No Words.

Click on the lens for more.


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23 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Oh my word that is GORGEOUS!!! JUST LIKE YOU!!!!


  2. Such vibrant colours! How do you get the copyright on it?

  3. Gorgeous. Spring is finally on it’s way!

  4. That’s a ver good pic – spring is coming (hooray)

  5. jay

    Geeze Chris, that is a STUNNER.

  6. Beautiful colours, so fresh & vibrant. I adore crocus, lovely x

  7. Wow, the stamen looks like a flame or a small explosion. Lovely shot!

  8. Absolutely stunning macro and superb colours. Love it.

  9. What a beautiful picture you have captured Christine!🙂 just stunning colours x

  10. Amazing colours. You’re so lucky to still have crocuses intact – ours get massacred by the birds!

    Great pic x

  11. Fantastic colours! Emma

  12. Totally stunning. What fantastic colours, so opposite but so perfect together. That’s nature for you x

  13. Just choked on my cake … that is stunning MaLady … absolutely stunning. (Even Jay said so … just how proud are YOU!😉 )
    MJM xx

  14. Oh my! So striking! Just beautiful x

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