Something for the Weekend – A Handful of Ideas!

I haven’t got a big plan for this weekend. I know – shocking! I have a list of possibles and maybes which I thought I’d share with you. If you have any family friendly weekend activities please link them up at the bottom of this post!

This weekend, we might:

  • Go for a welly walk as today is the Woodland Trust’s ‘Give it Some Welly’ Day
  • Have some practice pancakes because it is Shrove Tuesday next week and one day isn’t enough!
  • Make a weather station. It has been very cold and very grey for a long time and it would be nice to keep a record of temperature and rainfall, plot it on a cheerful chart and see if we can spot a bit of warmth creeping in!
  • Plant some cress seeds on tissue in eggshells and some beans in a jar so we can watch roots and shoots growing (This IS happening and I’ll post the results next week. Planting veg seeds is all very well but the results aren’t instant enough for a small impatient boy who keeps poking the compost to see if anything is happening yet and asking when the tomatoes will be ready to eat!)

Picture Credit

  • Start digging. We have an archaeological dig in the garden every year. It is multi purpose. It feeds the children’s love of all things historical,  gets them out in the garden and  gets the veg beds dug over!

So, what are you and yours up to this weekend? Have you got a post to share to give us all some ideas? Something to do, something to make. something to read, somewhere to go – all are welcome! Old posts or new can be added to the link, we are building up quite a resource bank now! Please link back here, thank you and grab the badge if you’d like.

Here’s the lovely little blue blob!

nb. The blue blob is having a funny turn this week and, while you can enter your links, he will not show what they are! I am entering them by hand below so do keep popping them on! (I could do without a stroppy blue blob truth be told and I will be giving him a good talking to and even, possibly, doing THAT look over my glasses!)

1. Putting an Art Box in the Kitchen!

2. This Weekend I’ll Be Telling Stories

3. 30+ Spring Craft Ideas for You! – Red Ted Art

4. Castle and Men Out of Loo Rolls – Red Ted Art

5. Egg Blowing and Decorating – Red Ted Art

6. Get Your Kids Drawing and Have Them Win! – Red Ted Art

7. A Miniature Garden at the Alexander Residence

8. A Free Day Out at Alnwick Garden

9. Backyard Birding/DIY Nesting Dispenser

10. Puffy Paint for the Bath, Cool 3D Art

11. Me and My Shadow – Kids Colouring Competitions

12. Tips for Baking with Very Little People!


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8 responses to “Something for the Weekend – A Handful of Ideas!

  1. Oooh I love the bean that looks fab! We will have to try too! And the weather stations sounds BRILLIANT!!!

  2. Ah, cress. I remember an old school jape when pranksters planted cress seeds around the carpet of a holidaying teacher’s office (not me I hasten to add). Two weeks later, after his summer jaunt, said teacher returned to find a lush green, and edible, floor.
    p.s: lovely blog, some great ideas🙂

  3. Love the bean idea, my 4yo is planting anything she can get her hands on at the mo, but the orange pip hasn’t come to anything😉 I warned her but she insisted! Love the idea of seeing it grow.
    Not sure if I am linked,

  4. Some great ideas! Tops, BB and I are busy being bouncy this weekend lol. We don’t have “Daddy” at home today so are going to have a good look at the posts linked up above!

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