The Cat in the Hat Goes to School

It’s World Book Day, a celebration of books and stories! A day to surround ourselves with beautiful books and wonderful words. A day to share the joy of reading.

And to go to school as The Cat in The Hat

With, maybe, a little mischief planned

We had breakfast at school together, shared a story or two, and looked at all the book characters strolling around the classroom! This evening we have a pile of books we have chosen to share. We are going to make a cosy corner and snuggle up together with anyone else who wants to join us.

Stories are magical things. Once I start to read they all, gradually, appear!

By happy coincidence, yesterday was Dr Seuss’ birthday so we will be reading The Cat in the Hat tonight and Green Eggs and Ham and The Lorax. If my tongue is up to it we may read Fox in Socks and we might make up some tongue twisters of our own.

And when they have all gone to bed, I shall jump into mine and indulge in a spot of my secret pleasure…Agatha Christie and a cup of tea!

What will you be reading for World Book Day?


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26 responses to “The Cat in the Hat Goes to School

  1. Oh my goodness, BB looks fantastic!

    I love the shot of all of you engrossed in the story, such a special and stress free family activity!

  2. Perfect and perfect.. Fab costume and just such a wonderful scene of you all so engrossed in the tent. Couldn’t work out tho .. what was the story?
    MJM xx

  3. That costume is just amazing! And what a lovely picture of you all together *heart melts*

  4. Superamazingmum

    That is wonderful! Well done x

  5. Aaaah I LOVE your costume. Simply the best! You clever mum you!!!
    And Agatha Christie with a cuppa sounds like JUST what I need right now…

  6. That costume is AMAZING! Can’t believe you made that. I swear one day, when he’s older, MM will ask me if you can be his Mum.

  7. Fabulous costume! I love what you said about starting to read and they all appear – same thing happens here. Enjoy your stories today.

  8. That costume is fantastic! Did you see the cat in the hat hat’s that we made? They were a lot of fun!

  9. Wow aren’t you clever!! He’s adorable.

    We used to have a few problems when mine was little – he didn’t like dressing up and refused face paints. We did Mr Strong one year, just dressed all in red, with a green felt hat. Another year, when he was less keen, he wore trousers, a jumper and carried a bar of chocolate ….Charlie Bucket! It didn’t help that his mother was clueless with a needle.

    Tonight, Christine, I’m going to be reading….Bill Bryson.

  10. You are a genius! We’ve been reading an adventure story involving a treasure chest, set in the outback. We’ve bought lots of childrens books since we’ve been away, they’ll be happy memories when we get home.

  11. Seem to be doing them all in the wrong order. Going back to “A Short History of Nearly Everything” which I started a year ago and gave up on: that never happened with his travel books!

  12. mum

    You have made many wonderful costumes over the years my love, but
    I think you have surpassed yourself this time. Wonderful and Bonus Boy
    also does it justice of course!! Also love the picture of you all, one for my
    bragging book Ithink !!

  13. Oh my goodness that outfit is incredible. I love it (and you can see he does too)! Green Eggs and Ham has been Fonz’s favourite book since he was given it for his first birthday. It goes everywhere with us!

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