Five Things…

To my children. I would like you to know a few things about me. You don’t have to read this, you probably won’t, but if you do, know this:

1. I am a woman. Not just your Mummy/Mum/Mama. I existed before you and I will exist after you have spread your wings and flown away. I have dreams, hopes, fears. I am just like you.

2. I love your Dad/Daddy/Dadda. He may be a pain. He might not listen in just the way you want him to. He may be sarcastic and silly and he may not get it right with you sometimes. He may work too hard and not see you as often as you/he/I/we would like but he is my best friend, my soul mate, my love. He is wonderful and he and I will be together after you’ve flown. We will be here if you need us. Always.

3. I like doing dangerous things. Having you has moderated this because it matters that I live…but I still want to do them. When I look in the mirror I see a girl who wants to fly/jump/risk. A girl who wants to scream into the wind. A girl who has so many things left that she wants to do.

4. I don’t like liars, cheats, people who pretend they are something they are not. Be who you are because that is the best of you.

5. I like dancing in the rain.

This post was written for Ella’s Carnival at Notes Frome Home ‘5 Things You Want Your Children to Know About You’


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13 responses to “Five Things…

  1. Michelle Twin Mum

    Wow dangerous things Christine! Scary…

    Mich x

  2. Great post – and carnival idea. The first two in particular really resonated with me – how strange it still is to see our own mothers as individuals beyond their mumness, and our parents as an ongoing couple in their own right. Despite knowing that truth about ourselves.

  3. That is a beautiful post!
    I hope they all read it and take a moment to appreciate the magic of your family!

  4. Mummywalker

    It’s true, as children we don’t see past ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ and see people. Gorgeous post xxx

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  6. A gorgeous post which is entirely true. As much as we are their parents, we are also people in our own right.

  7. I do hope they read this Chris. It will give them a greater insight to those wonderful folks in their lives – their parents. It will also stand them in good stead for the future!

  8. What lovely things. I love the dancing in the rain part. x

  9. wonderful, especially the words about your husband.

  10. Yikes- you are a brave lady: I am totally risk-averse. I love the bit about being a person both before and after being Mum.

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  12. What a lovely heartfelt post, another one that I feel a bit teary reading! I especially love what you have written about your husband, really lovely x

  13. Have to agree with you on the dangerous things, I am so pleased I did my skydive before Baba as I would have been gutted not to say that I have done that! But I have an itch still to do something! xx

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