Guest Post – Geocaching with Children

Today I am delighted to welcome @Kailexness as a guest poster! She blogs about her life as a Mum at ‘All About Us and Such Like’ and is a dedicated geocacher. I think geocaching may just be the perfect family activity so I asked her to tell us all about it! Please leave her some lovely comments!

With the school holidays upon us my mind turns to the possibilities of grabbing a Geocache or two. It’s been a long winter with snow fall, chill and rain and it’s about time I managed to drag the smalls outside for a good treasure hunt…

Geocaching is the treasure hunting game which uses a GPSr to find the location of a hidden treasure box or a log book, once found you log your find at and decide where to go next…

My smalls are still very young at almost 3 and 4 and a half and this is the first year we will be caching without the buggy (hooray! Lumping the phil’n’teds over stiles is no mean feat!)  So I’m going to have to pay close attention to terrain and walking distance to the cache.  Caches come in many forms from single caches at the end of a long walk to ones which can be found by driving right up to them, car caching was a fabulous way to pass the time when my children were babies, how many parents spend hours driving around so the baby drifts off to sleep? I even placed my own drive-by cache called “While you were sleeping”.

Getting the little people interested in the treasure is easy, sometimes getting them to do a little more walking can be a strain.  We hunt for natural treasure all the way around and collect bags full of leaves and sticks to make collages with later but one of the best ways to cache is to “Cache in Trash out” taking a bin bag and collecting the rubbish as we walk around a trail.  It works really well, on a trip to West Moors in Dorset where there is a caching trail of 6 caches set on a 3.2km forest walk, this kept the girls busy all the way around. Chocolate helps too…

Photo: Family caching in West Moors, Dorset.

Thinking of where we might go caching is easy, there are so many in most areas of the UK now that I’m sure you will find a cache local to you, geocaches are placed by geocachers quite often in places the locals like to visit but are off the beaten track, it’s a fabulous way to discover the hidden gems in an area you are not familiar with.  When visiting rural Portugal a few years ago we toured the area by geocaching and found some really lovely locations off the touristic beat because of it.

Photo : Portugal Cache Hunt

With smaller children the treasure is the prize, choose a cache with a good sized box so small, regular or large, sometimes in the description it will say “small box not room for swaps” and avoid micro’s and nano’s, remember to take along a selection of articles to swap, old cracker gifts are perfect for this.

With older children look for Earth Caches, these educational caches include a unique geoscience feature or aspect of our Earth, learning about these features on the in the location is fascinating.

The most important thing to remember with caching is that it’s fun… and don’t forget your pencil.

Many thanks to Chris for asking me to guest post about Geocaching.


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9 responses to “Guest Post – Geocaching with Children

  1. How fascinating! We love getting out and about in the countryside and this seems like a great way to get the girls involved. Mine are small too but I think we could give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. what a great idea; will think about this as a way to motivate my younger children to come out for a walk! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great post, I have never heard about this before so will be looking into it soon. Thank you x

  4. This sounds a fantastic idea I will have to have a look and see if there are any near me. Thanks for this xx

  5. I love the idea of this, but am never sure about the GPS suff. I have an iphone can I use that and if so how?

  6. We discovered geo-caching last year, and my boys love it. It’s a great way of keeping them interested during a walk, and I enjoy the thrill of the chase too. We use the geo-caching app on my husband’s Android phone, and the website tells you everything else you need to know. Best of all it’s all free.

  7. This sounds amazing! I’ve seen lots of people talking about it on Twitter but never really understood what it was all about.

    Thanks so much for explaining, You’re right it sounds like the perfect family activity x

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