Silent Sunday – Take Off!

Silent Sunday. One photo. Taken by me. This week. No words.


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16 responses to “Silent Sunday – Take Off!

  1. curlyandcandid

    Fantastic picture!!! Was this a lucky shot or a series of quick pics? (Asks the seriously amateur photographer lol).

  2. Wow, you guys have some talents down there! Flying teenagers :0)
    Hope you had fun at the beach x

  3. Jenny paulin

    Wow! What great action shot! I also love the long lines of shadows n the beach

  4. That’s such a brilliant action shot.

  5. love the long shadows and the gravity defying feat!

  6. I love a great action shot and this is fab x

  7. Using the perspective it looks like the chap in the background is getting a two-fisted thump! Fab shot.🙂

  8. Oh this is such a fantastic capture! Brilliant🙂

  9. lol what a great photo, excellent. x

  10. jay

    WOW What an awesome capture! I love action shots like this, this is great!

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