Little Visitors?

BB: ‘Daddy, I think I have insects in my hair’

Daddy: (panicking slightly and thinking about all the long curly hair in our house) ‘Why?’

BB: ‘Because I can hear them chattering to each other’

There are, thank goodness, no visitors in his hair. I love his thinking. He knows there is an outbreak of head lice at school, he thinks they may be having a chit chat in his hair. Fab!


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8 responses to “Little Visitors?

  1. I just love children, they are so funny and they make me smile. What a little star.

  2. Oh bless him, that is so sweet. I would have freaked!

  3. B asked me once if she ever got nits, could we keep one as a pet. Er, no.

  4. Jenny paulin

    That’s such a sweet thing to say, bless him. X

  5. Ugh, nits, I dread that part of when Sausage goes to school.

    There’s a 9 year age gap between me and my sister, so I was at work by the time she was in the juniors at school, and she had this one friend who had headlice constantly. Despite the fact that my Mum would actually go out, buy the shampoo for this other girls’ Mum to use on her family, the woman just never ever bothered, so we just kept getting them.

    In the end, we used the different shampoos so many times, the nits ended up becoming resistant to it, so my Mum had to fork out for one of those electric combs, and we’d all have to go through our hair with it every sunday.

    Luckily, the kid moved away after a couple of years, so Nit-Gate ended!

  6. me giggling x

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