This week on The Gallery it’s Togetherness. I have indulged myself and trawled through the old photos and picked a few of my favourites. Some of them are from a very long time ago but it seems like yesterday.

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For more Togetherness visit The Gallery at Sticky Fingers!


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14 responses to “Togetherness

  1. Aww they are amazing photos of togetherness. x

  2. inthepudding

    Oh I don’t blame you for posting so many, you simply couldn’t choose a favorite out of that selection!

    I do really love the bookworms in the green bucket though.

    Gorgeous family!

  3. Lovely pictures, the green bucket picture is also my favourite! Emma

  4. Great collection of pictures there, C.

  5. Camilla

    Such gorgeous photos Chris. The one of R as a baby made me well up. Bless them. x

  6. I LOVE the one in the washbasket😀 Jen

  7. Such beautiful togetherness photos, no wonder you couldn’t pick just the one. I love the way the two of them are reading in the bucket, just wonderful!!

  8. Just gorgeous Chris…really truly! I love looking at old photos…you have a gorgeous family!😉


  9. Such a gorgeous collection of your family showing real togetherness🙂 magical x

  10. I always know I’m in for some stunning photography when I visit Thinly Spread – beautiful. My fave? Difficult, but the one where the two are sitting in the garden and taken from behind

  11. great photos, fabulous record of wonderful childhoods – makes me want a bigger family!

  12. You might not have it all together, but together you have it all. You have a beautiful family Chris

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