Something for the Weekend – It’s Out of My Hands!

There is a birthday happening at our place this weekend so I have no say over what will be going on! My Darling Girl turns 11 and, according to tradition, she chooses what we do and what we eat!

She has mentioned once – or twice – or a gazillion times that she would like to play Treasure Island which was a family favourite when we had a boat to sail upon the ocean waves and involves the collection of treasure and much pirate ‘Ah har me hearty’-ing. The big boys have lost their enthusiasm for it but she has them over a barrel (of rum), it’s her birthday so they have to play!

She’d also like to ‘do what we do for Earth Hour‘. I love that she wants to do this more than anything else. We turn all the lights off, light candles and play games in front of the fire. We’ll be doing it all again on 26th March but there’s no harm in getting in a bit of practice!

She will want to bake and my kitchen will be a flurry of flour and sugar. She’s very keen on Ultimate Sweet Treatsat the moment and we will probably all be forced to eat something sweet and sickly – such hardship! She seems to have a number of pink post it notes marking potential projects!

I brought her home from hospital on February 14th eleven years ago so there is no way I can top that as a Valentine’s gift for Mr Thinly Spread! We don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s as a ‘lovey dovey let’s spend lots of money to prove we love each other’ thing,  BUT Darling Girl and I are very keen on the hearts and flowers bit of it so I suspect we will get crafty at some point over the weekend! If you have any ideas for us, do pop them on the linky!

She will be having a day out with her mates in half term with a visit to the cinema and maybe some pizza but on the day itself – it’s family time!

How are birthdays organised in your house? I’d love to hear your traditions!

What are you planning this weekend? Have you posted something we could all have a go at or somewhere we could go? Add your link to the blue blob below!  Please link back to me (thank you) and feel free to pop the badge on your blog if you’d like to!

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14 responses to “Something for the Weekend – It’s Out of My Hands!

  1. I am sure she will have a great weekend. Enjoy every minute of it

  2. Oh happy Birthday Weekend DD!! How lovely. All the activities sounds lovely lovely lovely (esp Earth Hour!)


  3. Hope you all have a lovely time!

  4. Awww, what an amazing Valentine’s Day gift she was for you. Sounds like she is going to have a wonderful birthday. x

  5. How perfect to be born on Valentines. My good friend who was so ill a few years back adopt a baby girl this Valentines day. Wow.

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Happy birthday to your daughter x

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  8. Happy birthday to your dd! That sounds like a great way to celebrate. We’re currently planning my dd’s 10th birthday celebrations. A girls night in with pizza, chocolate fondue and sleepover seems to be on the cards!

  9. I love the idea of letting them choose. Might start that one up next year, though with the 5 year old and the husband sharing a birthday I’m not sure how that will work out. Happy birthday to your 11 year old x

  10. What a lovely picture of her, its wonderful that you let her chose, just how it should be. I was also struck by the romance of bringing back your baby girl on Valentines day. Am I hormonal?!
    Happy Birthday girly

  11. The activities your daughter want on her birthday are all very exciting and fun. I love the Earth Hour activity. It just shows of her concern and love to Mother Earth.:-) Valentines Day is a special day, and having your baby on that same day makes it super special and the more reasons to celebrate. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter.:-)

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