Born To…

This post was written as my entry to win a place in Melvin Burgess’s Masterclass at the Save the Children Blogging Conference. To celebrate their latest campaign ‘No Child Born to Die’ Save the Children asked entrants to write what they were born to do and why. An incredibly hard thing to do but here is my take on it.

What was I born to do?

Born to breathe.

Born to see, hear, smell, touch, sense.

Born to love, laugh, cry.

Born to walk, run, sit, sleep.

Born to want.

Born to mother.

All these things and more but the thing which defines my life, which has shaped it and brings me joy is the one I used to fight against.

I was born to teach.

I left the classroom to raise my own four children and even though they are now all at school I still see myself as their primary teacher. It is me who takes their spark of interest and feeds it. Me who helps them find the wings to fly. Me who encourages them to travel their own path and enables them to do so.

The wonder in a child’s eye as the scritchy scratchy black squiggles on the page take shape and form and acquire meaning and they realise they hold the key to a life of stories is very hard to beat.

The excitement when they visit a castle and history comes to life or they blow something up in the kitchen in the name of scientific experimentation feeds my soul.

Watching the dawning realisation in my daughter that numbers are just numbers and not scary, complicated things;  showing her how simple it is once you’ve worked out what you are being asked and seeing her begin to romp away confidently where once she struggled – that makes me smile!

I am now writing about teaching, trying to put into words all the ideas I have had and the things we have done which encourage creative thinking, facilitate learning and allow children to grow. It’s not a bad way to earn a living, doing something you love!

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What were you born to do?


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24 responses to “Born To…

  1. You, missus, are a bit of an imspiration to me. I’m a veggie and primary school teacher although I’ve lost my mojo lately. Those photos are stunning & show how happy, creative, well-nurtured and beautiful your children are. Good on you!

  2. Great post Chris! I hope you have a great time at the conference & look forward to hearing all about it!

  3. antoinette

    i enjoyed reading your blog , you were born to teach .

  4. Oh my darling friend, what a wonderful post. You were indeed born to teach. Your posts awaking those sparks in me too

  5. What a beautiful post – thankyou – look forward to meeting you at the conference.

  6. What a lovely post…
    I wish all teachers were that passionate about teaching!

  7. Your children are very lucky to have you as their mum, as of course you are lucky to have them. What could be more perfect?

    • I am very lucky, they are receptive, creative and keen (most of the time, sometimes they are lazy, argumentative and irritating!) and it is an immense privilege to be a part of their lives!

  8. I love learning and it’s a great feeling inspiring my own children to learn. Just from reading your post any one can hear that you’re a truly inspired teacher. Wonderful. Having an inspirational teacher is a great asset in life. Your children and former pupils are lucky to have (had) you.

    I’m glad your going on to write about teaching and inspiring present and future teachers.

    Good luck with the competition.

    • Thank you so much, that is a very lovely comment! As a teacher and a mum I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to engage with young minds…it is I who is privileged and lucky to have them!

  9. Aaaah what a fab post Chris! You are truly wonderful at “your job”!!!! All the best for the conference, hope it goes really well!!!


  10. Liz

    Thank you for your inspiring Born to blog entry. Best of luck with the competition!

    Save the Children

  11. Lovely post Chris, I look forward to meeting you. I didn’t dare look at anyone’s posts before I did mine but all done now. You are an inspiration to us all. X

  12. What an inspirational post. I am interested in what you meant by fighting it. I had a successful secondary teaching career but struggled with the trials of mainstream, tried working as an agent for Creative Parnerships which was interesting but not hands on enough. I’m a mum now, and writing lots, but missing the make difference/interaction factors of education (although this post reminds me how much we make a difference with our own children-because they are so small, sometimes I am too involved to fully appreciate that). Love that you’ve combined writing and education-tips? X thanks, I needed that! Hope it makes sense…

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