Quick Craft – Chinese Dragon

Bonus Boy was so happy when he got home from school yesterday because it was warm enough and light enough for him to go out in the garden with his bubble sword! The wind was also obliging and allowed him to blow some absolute whoppers!

When he came in all ruddy-faced and grinning he wanted to do some making and doing…who am I to say no to that?! As it is Chinese New Year today we had a go at making a Chinese Dragon on sticks and it wasn’t long before Darling Daughter and Sensitive Soul sidled in to have a go too!

This is a very quick and easy after school craft and can be developed further with the introduction of other characters, a sheet and a light source…Hey Presto: Shadow Theatre!

I gave each child two pieces of card to draw a dragon’s head and a dragon’s tail (if yours are reluctant to draw, a blobby painting picture cut to shape by you or a coloured in printable would work just as well) While they were (very) busy doing that I cut strips of card for them. They had two strips each which they stuck together at right angles with sticky tape.

I modelled for Bonus Boy how to fold and turn and he got it very quickly ‘Looks like a jack in the box mummy, look, look…BOING, BOING, BOING’

We then stuck the head on one end, the tail on the other and attached two garden sticks to hold it with.

Sensitive Soul’s was a bit more dramatic.

And Darling Girl’s came with accessories…can you work out what they are? There’s no prize but we’d like to know if you are clever enough to work it out!

This evening we have a large collection of green egg boxes and loo roll innards which are just crying out to be made into a gigantic dragon and Bonus Boy would like to do something ‘rabbity’ as this is the beginning of the year of the dragon!

We had a look at which year we were born in too to see if we fitted the characteristics of our Chinese New Year animal. I’m not sure I’m very happy about being a goat!

Happily shared with Kids Get Crafty at Red Ted Art!


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6 responses to “Quick Craft – Chinese Dragon

  1. Oh my, that is indeed a quick craft and a FUN CRAFT! Were going to make a similar (ish) Dragon, but I ran out of time😦 there is always next year I guess!!!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Maggy x

  2. Yet another to share I think Chris! Brill! I’m a dragon I think!!😉

  3. Those are brilliant – I love how each kid has given their dragon a character!

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